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Aerosol Science and Technology
American Association for Aerosol Research

BioMagnetic Research and Technology
BioMed Central

Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology
Marcel Dekker

Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation
rotating globe Hosokawa Micron Group

NanoVantage, Inc.

Particle & Particle Systems Characterization

Powder and Bulk Engineering
CSC Publishing

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Victor Klimov Semiconductor and Metal Nanocrystals Synthesis, Electronic, and Optical Properties Marcel Dekker, NY ©2003

Christof M. Niemeyer and Chad A. Mirkin (Editors) Nanobiotechnology
Concepts, Applications and Perspectives
Wiley-VCH ©2004

Guenther Schmid (Editor) Nanoparticles: From Theory to Application Wiley-VCH ©2004

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Journals & Periodicals |  Books |  Reports

Short Courses

Surface Modification Chemistries for Particles and Interfaces

21 August 2015
Boston Park Plaza
Boston, MA, USA

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Abstracts are available for Particles 2002, Particles 2003, Particles 2004, Particles 2005, Particles 2006, Particles 2007, Particles 2008, Particles 2009, Particles 2010, and Particles 2011. Click here for the order form.

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