Small Particle Formation

Applications In:

Assays * Catalysis * Ceramics * Chemical Detection * Chemical Mechanical Polishing * Coatings * Cosmetics * Data Storage * Diagnostic Tests * Dispersions * Drug Delivery * Electronic Devices * Flat Panel Displays * Fuel Cells * Imaging Systems * Inks * Marking Technologies * Membranes * Optics * Personal Care * Pharmaceuticals * Pigments * Plastics * Printing * Separations * Sintering * Surface Modification * Switches 

Who Should Attend:

Applications Managers * Chemists * Engineers * Formulators * Industrial Research Workers * Materials Scientists * Physicists * Product Development Managers * Technicians * Students …

   … Developing Materials, Products, and Processes Based on Particles and Particle Technologies

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Small Particle Formation

Topics Covered: 

Nanoparticle Through Microparticle Formation

1 nm - 50 um,  Surface Energetics, Solubility, Nucleation,Growth and Dissolution Competition, Ostwald Ripening, Compartmentalization 


Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Contolled Release, Inhalation, Antistats, Binders, Excipients, Catalysts, Electronics,   Fillers, Hardeners, LEDs, Stabilizers, Wetting Control

Particle Stabilization 

Charge and Steric Stabilization, Surfactants and Dispersants,  Polymeric Stabilizers, Homopolymers, Block Copolymers, Matrix Stabilization 

Inorganic and Organic Materials 

Inorganic Salts, Oxides, Sulfides, Metals, Semiconductors, Quantum Dots

Pharmaceuticals, Organic Monomers, Biodegradable Polymers, Dyes, Couplers, Pigments, Agrochemicals

Laboratory and Manufacturing Processes 

Aerosols, Combustion, Plasma Synthesis, Comminution, Emulsification, Limited Coalescence, Microemulsification, Hydrolyses, Mechanicochemical Synthesis      

Precipitation, Solvent and pH Shifting, Polymerization, Emulsion Polymerization, Miniemulsion Polymerization, Microemulsion Polymerization, Sol-Gel Condensation, Supercritical Fluid Methods 

Composite Particles 

Core Shell, Microencapsulation, Inorganic Composites

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Professor John Texter has over 25 years experience in industrial small particle and coating technologies.  He is Professor of Polymer and Coating Technology at Eastern Michigan University. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, and has worked for Strider Research Corporation and for Eastman Kodak Company in various areas of dispersion and emulsion technology.  He received his undergraduate engineering education and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Lehigh University, where he studied at the Zettlemoyer Center for Surface and Coatings Research.  He is an experienced lecturer, organizer, and technical project manager.  He is an inventor, editor, and author of over 150 publications including four books, forty-two issued U.S. patents, and numerous research and review articles.  He has received numerous awards and honors including a Service Recognition Award from the ACS Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, a Team Achievement Award for Improved Ferrotyping, induction into the Kodak Distinguished Inventors’ Gallery, an MRE Innovation Award for Nanocrystalline Technology, the CTO Patent Award for Innovation and Initiative in Patenting, listings in American Men and Women of Science, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in the East, Who's Who in America, and various fellowships.  He is active professionally and has served as Chairman of the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, Chair of the Chemistry at Interfaces Gordon Research Conference, Chair of the Chemistry of Supramolecules and Assemblies Gordon Research Conference, and organizer of many international symposia.  He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Physical Society, and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology.

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