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"Final" Schedule of Papers
Conference Dress Code - Business Casual
Particles 2004

6-9 March 2004

Particle Synthesis, Characterization, and Particle-Based Advanced Materials

Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, FL
General Program

Speaker/Presenter Index

Saturday, March 6
(1800 - 1930) - Opening Informal Reception and Mixer (Grand Ballroom D)

Sunday, March 7

(0800-0850) - Plenary 1 (Grand Ballroom D) - Session Chair: John Texter

1. Pierre Wiltzius, University of Illinois
Colloidal Self-Assembly, Multi-Beam Interference lLithography, and Photonic Crystals

 (0900-1215) - Technical Sessions
Nanotube Synthesis
Targeting & Delivery
Metal Oxide 
& Magnetic Particles


(1200-1400) - Luncheon/Exhibition (Grand Ballroom D)

(1400-1715) - Technical Sessions
Nanowire Synthesis
Quantum Dots

(1800-1930) - Reception/Exhibition (Grand Ballroom D)

Monday, March 8

(0800-0850) - Plenary 2 (Grand Ballroom D) - Session Chair: Arjun Yodh

92. David Weitz, Harvard University
Colloidal Crystals, Glasses, and Gels

 (0900-1215) - Technical Sessions
Nanotube Synthesis
Targeting & Delivery
Nanotube Assembly for Devices

F3 126-130

(1200-1400) - Luncheon/Exhibition (Grand Ballroom D)

(1400-1715) - Technical Sessions
Nanowire Synthesis
Nanotube/wire  Optical & Electrical Properties

(1800-2000) - Reception/Exhibition/Poster Session (Grand Ballroom D)

P1  Poster Session 251-304

Tuesday, March 9

(0800-0850) - Plenary 3 (Grand Ballroom D) - Session Chair: Rick Laine

178. Sotoris Pratsinis, ETH, Zurich
Flame-made Nanoparticles for Catalysts, Composites and ZnO Q-Dots

(0900-1215) - Technical Sessions
Targeting & Delivery
Hollow/Porous Particles


(1200-1400) - Luncheon/Exhibition (Grand Ballroom D)

(1400-1715) - Technical Sessions

Speaker/Presenter Index

All technical sessions will have LCD projectors, overhead transparency projectors must be requested in advance, and an 8' screen.

"Final" Schedule of Papers
Conference Dress Code - Business Casual

Session Descriptions

Nanotube Synthesis

Session A1 (Sunday, 0900-1215) Nanotube Synthesis
Session Chair - Martin Steinhart

0900        2. David Lynn, Conformational genomics: The evolution of nanotubes from nanoparticles
0945        3. Abhishek Kumar Singh, Cluster assembled metal encapsulated nanotubes of silicon and germenium
1015    Break
1030        4. Zhi-Feng Ren, Carbon nanotubes and ZnO nanowires
1100        5. Karl S. Coleman, External chemical modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes
1130        6. Zhongchun Wang, Hetero-porphyrin nanotubes
1145        7. Daqing Zhang, Nanosprings, another piece of the nanotechnology puzzle
1215    End of Session

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Session A2 (Monday, 0900-1200) Nanotube Synthesis
Session Chair - Daqing Zhang

0900    93. Hiroshi Matsui, Size-, packing density-, and shape-controlled nanocrystal-coated nanotube fabrication using molecular recognitions of sequenced peptides
0945    94. Martin Steinhart, Nano- and microtubes with complex wall morphologies
1015    Break
1030    95. Mahendra K. Sunkara, Novel carbon tubular morphologies: Micro-pipettes, funnels and nano-pipettes
1045    96. Maria Letizia Terranova, Single-walled carbon nanotubes as a new electroactive material for assembling biosensors
1115    97. Klara Hernadi, CVD synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using CaCO3 catalyst support
1130    98. Zheng Hu, Faceted hexagonal nanotubes, nanowires and nanobelts of aluminum nitride: synthesis, characterization and properties
1200    End of Session

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Session B1 (Sunday, 0900-1200) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - Moshe Narkis

0900        8. Prabir K. Dutta, Applications of zeolite membranes derived from nanometer sized zeolites for photochemical applications
0945        9. J. Adin Mann, Jr., Structures of platinum nanoparticle distributions on carbon substrates functioning as fuel cell catalysts
1015    Break
1030      10. Jimmy Mils, Light-controlled generation of palladium crystallite structures in polyimide films
1100      11. Zhen Song, Ru nanoparticles on modified HOPG surfaces: Structure and reactivity and reactivity for N2 dissociation
1130      12. Jack Drwiega, Magnetically agitated photocatalysis: Development and characterization of TiO2 coated barium ferrite for magnetic agitation and photocatalysis in water treatment
1145      13. Andriy Korchev, Polymer assisted metal nanoparticle photogeneration in solutions and in flexible polymer films
1200    End of Session

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Session B2 (Sunday, 1400-1715) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - J. Adin Mann, Jr.

1400       54. Vince Rotello, Polymer-mediated 'bricks and mortar' assembly of nanoparticles
1445       55. Per Stenius, Structure of particle and polyelectrolyte layers on solids
1515    Break
1530       56. Tong Leung, Growth mechanisms of mesoscopic structures of Cu, Ni and Co under wet and dry deposition conditions
1600       57. Stanislus S. Wong, Synthesis, growth, and characterization of nanotube-nanocrystal heterostructures
1630       58. Helmut Cölfen, Biomimetic mineralization
1645       59. Masaru Matsuo, Blend materials of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and carbon nanotubes prepared by gelation/crystallization from solution
1715    End of Session

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Session B3 (Monday, 0900-1215) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - Prabir Dutta

0900     99. Andreas Stein, Templating and transformation of nanostructured solids
0945   100. Dale L. Huber, Synthesis and properties of highly magnetic nanoparticles and their composites
1015    Break
1030   101. Moshe Narkis, The electrical behavior of thermosetting polymer composites containing metal plated ceramic particles
1100   102. David Pine, Clusters of Colloidal Ellipsoids
1130   103. Hong Yang, Pt-Fe2O3 core-shell nanoparticles as single source precursors to advanced magnetic materials
1145   104. Mauricio Terrones, Polymerization and fusion of carbon nanopeapods: A route to novel one-dimensional materials
1215    End of Session

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Session B4 (Monday, 1400-1700) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - Hong Yang

1400    144. Alfons van Blaaderen, Complex particles to study simple liquids and make advanced materials
1445    145. Michael Markowitz, Nanoporous organosilica adsorbent materials for environmental toxins
1515    Break
1530    146. Jeff Brinker, Evaporation induced self-assembly of nanocomposite particles, films, and arrays
1615    147. Praveen Bhimaraj, Nanoparticle and nanotube filled polymers - It's all in the interface
1645    148. OzlemYavuz, Shielding materials synthesized with core-shell structure of manganese zinc ferrites and polyaniline
1700    End of Session

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Session B5 (Tuesday, 0900-1200) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - Kuo Chu Hwang

0900    185. Yachin Cohen, Carbon nanotubes embedded in polymer nanofiber
0945    186. Klara Hernadi, Synthesis of MWNT-based composite materials with inorganic coating
1015    Break
1030    187. Gennady B. Khomutov, Interfacially synthesized and organized inorganic nanoparticles, planar nanostructures and nanocomposite films
1100    188. Young-Seok Shon, Synthesis of hybrid nanostructures using simple organic reactions of functionalized gold nanoparticles
1130    189. Qi Wang, Preparation of polymer/carbon nanotube composites via mechanochemical methods
1200    End of Session

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Session B6 (Tuesday, 1400-1715) Nanocomposites
Session Chair - Per Stenius

1400   213. Zhili Xiao, Architecture-controlled growth of mesoscopic structures on flat surfaces:  A versatile self-assembly approach
1445   214. Kuo Chu Hwang, Preparation of carbon nanotubes/ nanoparticles and their applications as reinforcement additives in composite materials
1515    Break
1530   215. Michael Z. Hu, Molecular design based surface nucleation and growth of nanostructured oxide films
1600   216. Jon A Preece, Nanostructured surfaces from nanoparticles
1615   217. John Texter, Water/polymer nanocomposites by microemulsion polymerization
1645   218. Withdrawn
1715    End of Session

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Targeting & Delivery

Session C1 (Sunday, 0900-1200) Targeting and delivery
Session Chair - Si-Shen Feng

0900       14. Heinrich Hofmann, Nanoparticle systems for medical biotechnology
0945       15. Benno Radt, Optically addressable capsules
1015    Break
1030       16. Claire Mangeney, Synthesis and characterization of bioactive conducting polymer particles
1045       17. Shalini Gupta, Developing immunoassays and cell-based biosensors with electrical signal transduction
1115       18. Mizuo Maeda, DNA-carrying nanoparticles for reliable genotyping
1145       19. Jingming Wang, Thermo-responsive magnetic nanoparticles for various bio-nanotechnology applications
1215    End of Session

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Session C2 (Monday, 0900-1230) Targeting and delivery
Session Chair - Heinrich Hofmann

0900    105. Si-Shen Feng, Nanoparticle technology for chemotherapy of cancer and other diseases
0930    106. Dennis Discher, Copolymer mimics of filamentous phage for drug delivery
1000    107. Yukio Nagasaki, Acetal-PEG-b-polyamine stabilized porous nanosphere for a new drug carrier
1015    Break
1030    108. Alberto Bianco, Potential applications of carbon nanotubes for delivery of therapeutics
1100    109. Pei Li, Synthesis of novel amphiphilic core-shell nanoparticles and their biomedical applications Monday or Tuesday
1130    110. Rainer H. Müller, Nanopure® nanocrystals for oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs
1200    111. Manmohan Singh, Charged microparticles for antigen delivery
1230    End of Session

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Session C3 (Tuesday, 0900-1200) Targeting and delivery
Session Chair - Sonke Svenson

0900   190. Ram B. Gupta, Formation of dexamethasone/PLGA microparticles: Control of initial burst release and size
0930   191. Hassan El-Shall, Engineering nanoparticles for targeted applications
1000   192. Connie Keck, Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) for the use in pharma, cosmetics, food and agriculture
1015    Break
1030   193. Raymond A. Mackay, Applications of particle technology to CB defense and obscurants
1100   194. Soma Chakraborty, New nanoparticles for extraction and release of active materials
1130   195. Venu Perla, Nanoparticulate selenium:  A new choice biocompatible orthopedic implant material?
1200    End of Session

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Session D1 (Sunday, 0900-1215) Characterization
Session Chair - Masashi Kunitake

0900       20. Helmut Cölfen, Advanced particle analysis by analytical ultracentrifugation
0930       21. Paul Bowen, Inorganic particle size measurement below 100 nm – Where life gets difficult
0945       22. Tetsuji Yamaguchi, Characterization of nanoparticle suspensions by dynamic light scattering
1000       23. Stephen Campbell, Electrical properties of amorphous and single crystal silicon nanoparticles
1015    Break
1030       24. Brian P. Grady, Determination of the critical micelle concentration of a surfactant in the presence of surfactant-adsorbing particulates
1100       25. Malcolm T. Connah, A novel method for improving the accuracy of zeta potential measurements using micro-electrophoresis
1115       26. Magnus Hagström, Size determination of colloidal nanoparticles in the 3-10 nm diameter range
1145       27. Amane Jada, Electrokinetic characterization of inorganic particles, correlation with particle sizes
1200       28. Ramin Farnood, Sizing of biological aggregates using dynamic image analysis
1215    End of Session

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Session D2 (Monday, 0900-1215) Characterization
Session Chair - David Driscoll

0900    112. Andrei Dukhin, Acoustic spectroscopy for characterizing particle size and micro-rheology in concentrated dispersions and emulsions
0930    113. David W. Hahn, Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for single particle analysis
0945    114. Maria-Teresa Celis, Quantitative spectroscopy characterization of liquid-liquid emulsions
1000    115. Keir Foster, Magnetic characterization of Fe-Pt colloidal crystals
1015    Break
1030    116. Masashi Kunitake, Chromatographic characterization of dendritic polymer modified porous silica particles
1100    117. Tigran V. Shahbazyan, SERS in small silver nanoparticles: The role of screening and finite size effects
1130    118. Véronique Trappe, Time resolved correlation of foams
1200   119. Amr I. Abdel-Fattah, Particle attachment and detachment processes in an acoustic field
1215    End of Session

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Session D3 (Tuesday, 1400-1715) Characterization
Session Chair - David Nicoli

1400    225. Yit-Tsong Chen, Size and defect effects on the photoluminescence shifts in SiO2-based nanoparticles and mesoporous materials
1430    226. Shlomo Berger, Microstructure and Ferroelectric Behavior of Nano-Particles in Nano-Pores
1500    227. Yu Ye Tong, Nuclear magnetic resonance investigations of ligand-protected metal nanoparticles
1515    Break
1530    228. David Driscoll, Particle size analysis of injectable pharmaceutical emulsions:  Clinical implications
1600    229. Mikael Käll, Localized plasmons in metal nanostructures:  Particles, rings and holes
1630    230. Ivan Vakarelski, AFM simulation of particle-substrate interaction for CMP applications
1700    231. Mark S. Anderson, Enhanced infrared absorption with dielectric nanoparticles
1715    End of Session

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Synthesis and Application – Metal Oxide and Magnetic Particles

Session E1 (Sunday, 0900-1200) Metal Oxide and Magnetic Particles
Session Chair - Sotoris Pratsinis

0900       29. Helmut Boennemann, Synthesis and applications of air-stable magnetic nanoparticles (Cobalt, Iron, and Fe/Co alloys)
0945       30. Horst Weller, Synthesis and self assembly of semiconducting and magnetic nanoparticles
1015    Break
1030       31. Pankaj Podder, Magnetic and magnetiocaloric properties of arrays of nanoparticles
1100       32. Toru Iwaki, Continuous production of FePt nanoparticles by two-liquid mixing with ultrasound irradiation
1115       33. Balachandran Jeyadevan, Synthesis and properties of high coercivity magnetic nanoparticles
1130       34. Chao Liu, Polyol process synthesis of FePt  and FePt/Fe3O4 core-shell nanoparticles
1200    End of Session

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Particle Arrays

Session F1 (Sunday, 0900-1145) Particle Arrays
Session Chair - Jeff Brinker

0900       35. Markus Antonietti, The self-assembly of nanoparticles towards diverse organized arrays
0945       36. Warren T. Ford, Monitoirng the transformation of colloidal crystals by styrene vapor using atomic force microscopy
1015    Break
1030       37. Koen Clays, Self-assembly of colloidal crystals with low-dimensional defects for optical bandpass defect modes in the photonic bandgap
1100       38. Hongyou Fan, Self-assembly and integration of ordered, robust, three-dimensional gold nanocrystal/silica arrays
1130       39. Elena Shevchenko, Controlled self-assembly of semiconductor and magnetic quantum dots and quantum rods
1145    End of Session

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Session F2 (Sunday, 1400-1645) Particle Arrays
Session Chair - Eugena Kumacheva

1400       80. Sukanta Banerjee, Molecular interactions on 2-D particle arrays
1445       81. Tommy S. Horozov, Particle monolayers at liquid interfaces: in isolation and in interaction
1515    Break
1530       82. Nordin Felidj, Optical properties of regular gold nanoparticle gratings: Application
1545       83. Fengqiu Fan, Nanoparticle assemblies by fluid evaporation on patterned surfaces to create patterned media
1615       84. Broooks Rabideau, Self-assembly of 2-D arrays of bidisperse particles
1645    End of Session

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Session F3 (Monday, 0900-1200) Particle Arrays
Session Chair - Bob Aveyard

0900    126. L. Andrew Lyon, Soft nanoparticle assemblies
0945    127. Eugena Kumacheva, Polymer microgels: Reactors for semiconductor, metal, and magnetic nanoparticles
1015    Break
1030    128. Michael Giersig, Preparation, characterization and application of large-scale, 2D arrays of magnetic nanoparticles
1100    129. Dong Yu Kim, Surface relief grating induced formation of nanostructures
1130    130. Yoshitake Masuda, Nano/micro patterning of particle assembly and thin films
1200    End of Session

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Session F4 (Monday, 1400-1700) Particle Arrays
Session Chair - Markus Antionietti

1400    166. Arjun Yodh, Rods and polymers together in suspension: from DNA to carbon nanotubes
1445    167. Serge Ravaine, Synthesis of direct and inverse opals with a well-defined thickness
1515    Break
1530    168. Tsutomu Sawada, Single domain colloidal crystal films formed with a single shot
1600    169. Frank Scheffold, Photonic liquids schedule earlier than noon on Tuesday
1630    170. Tommy S. Horozov, Silica particles at fluid interfaces: Order, disorder, applications
1700    End of Session

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Nanoparticle Synthesis

Session G1  (Sunday, 0900-1215) Nanoparticle Synthesis
Session Chair - Brij Moudgil

0900       40. Michael Krämer, From experiment to production - Development, scale-up and production of nanoparticles
0930       41. Rina Tannenbaum, Dynamics of nucleation, aggregation and stabilization of metal oxide nanoparticles
1000       42. Timothy E. Patten, Grafted polymer chains on nanoparticles: Aggregation in the presence of proteins and antibodies
1015    Break
1030       43. Wolfgang Sigmund, Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanoparticles
1100       44. Yihong Wu, Nanoparticles formed on carbon nanowalls
1130       45. Miguel Jose Yacaman, Gold nanoparticles in carbyne matrix:  A new concept in supported catalysts
1200       46. Kui Yu, Challenges in the synthesis and characterization of colloidal CdSe nanocrytals with high photoluminescence efficiency
1215    End of Session

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Session G2  (Sunday, 1400-1715) Nanoparticle Synthesis
Session Chair - Helmut Auweter

1400      85. Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, Dissymmetrical nanoparticles
1430      86. Nily Dan, Polymer directed synthesis of metal nano-clusters
1500      87. Carlos M. van Kats, Colloidal dumbbells in real space
1515    Break
1530      88. Vinny Manoharan, Colloidal clusters: Preparing uniform non-spherical particles from spheres
1600      89. Robin L. McCarley, Responsive dendrimer and polymeric particle systems
1630      90. Sonke Svenson, Dendrimers made via self-assembly and self-organization
1700      91. Ingo H. Leubner, Nanoparticle synthesis with growth restrainers for nucleation control
1715    End of Session

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Session G3  (Monday, 0900-1215) Nanoparticle Synthesis
Session Chair - YShlomo Efrima

0900    131. Keith Johnston, Nanoparticle synthesis and assembly in supercritical fluids
0930    132. Christopher B. Roberts, Governing metallic nanoparticle synthesis through steric stabilization within liquid and supercritical fluid reverse micelles
1000    133. Dmitri Talapin, Synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals for chemiluminescent applications
1015    Break
1030    134. Rajesh N. Davé, Encapsulation of ultrafine particles with polymer using the SAS process
1100    135. Tatsushi Matsuyama, Titania coating on silica beads
1130    136. Patrick Spicer, Crystallization from macroemulsions and microemulsions
1200    137. Myoseon Jang, Heterogeneous polymerization in atmospheric aerosols
1215    End of Session

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Session G4  (Monday, 1400-1715) Nanoparticle Synthesis
Session Chair - Keith Johnston

1400    171. Brij M. Moudgil, Engineered particulate systems for enhanced performance in pharmaceutical, microelectronics and process industries
1430    172. Shlomo Efrima, Controlled semiconductor nanoparticles made easy
1500    173. Markus Niederberger, Perovskite nanoparticles made easy – Low-temperature and nonaqueous route to crystalline BaTiO3, LiNbO3 and BaZrO3
1515    Break
1530    174. Corine Gerardin, Highly stable metal hydroxide colloids prepared from hybrid polyion complex micelles
1600    175. Hidehiro Kamiya, Preparation of highly dispersed inorganic nanoparticles by using microbial-derived surfactant
1630    176. C.J. Zhong, Processing sizes, shapes and spatial properties of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles
1700    177. David Díaz, Colloidal dispersions and self-assembled thin films of RuS2 nanoparticles
1715    End of Session

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Session G5 (Tuesday, 1400-1700 Nanoparticle Synthesis
Session Chair - Amr L. Abdel-Fattah

1400     237. Leah Bergman, Photoluminescence properties of wide-bandgap nanocrystallites
1430     238. Zhibing Hu, A new route to crystalline hydrogels as guided by a phase diagram
1500     239. Paul Bowen, Precipitation of nanostructured oxalates and carbonates – Self-assembly, nanostructure and modeling
1515    Break
1530    240. Amane Jada, Calcium carbonate from manometer to micrometer size particles
1600    241. Ingo H. Leubner, Nanoparticle synthesis with ripening agents for nucleation control
1630    242. K.S. Nagabhushana, Novel preparation method for ultrafine Pt and Pt-alloy electrocatalysts
1645    243. Withdrawn
1700    End of Session

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Nanowire Synthesis

Session H1 (Sunday, 1400-1730) Nanowire Synthesis
Session Chair - Yoshitake Masuda

1400       47. Andrei Kolmakov, Electronic control of the chemistry and catalysis at the surface of metal oxide nanowires
1430       48. Yuval Golan, Semiconductor nanoparticles on ultrathin polyconjugated quantum wires at the air-water interface
1500       49. Guillaume Viau, Magnetic nanowires synthesized by heterogeneous nucleation in liquid polyols
1515    Break
1530       50. Amanda Barnard, Diamond nanowires: Morphology and structural stability
1600       51. Mario Ancona, Gold nanocluster wires: Fabrication and physics
1630       52. Brian A. Korgel, Solution synthesis of GaAs nanowires
1700       53. Ning Wang, Catalytic growth of semiconductor nanowires
1730    End of Session

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Session H2 (Monday, 1400-1715) Nanowire Synthesis
Session Chair - Yuval Golan

1400    138. Mahendra K. Sunkara, Bulk synthesis of inorganic nanowires, nanotubes and nanowire tubes
1445    139. Miran Mozetic, Metal oxide nanowire synthesis by oxygen plasma treatment
1515    Break
1530    140. Yit-Tsong Chen, Bidirectional growth of closest-packed carbon helical nanowires with distinctive chiralities
1545    141. Peter Searson, Synthesis and assembly of multifunctional nanowires
1615    142. Hou-T Ng, Tailoring growth morphogenesis of inorganic nanowires and their applications in nano-scale devices
1645    143. Lai-Sheng Wang, Synthesis and characterization of helical nanowires
1715    End of Session

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Session I1 (Sunday, 1400-1730) Dispersions
Session Chair - Bernie Binks

1400       60. Eugene Shchukin, Conditions of spontaneous dispersion and formation of thermodynamically stable colloid systems
1430       61. Kenneth S. Schweizer, Theory of structure, phase separation and gelation in particle-polymer suspensions
1500       62. Manfred Heuberger, Hydrocarbon boundary lubrication with/without nanoparticles
1515    Break
1530       63. Norman Wagner, Rheology and shear thickening of dispersions of elliptical colloidal particles
1600       64. Silvina Gatica, Interactions between nanoparticles: Effect of the coating and the medium
1630       65. Julian G. Eastoe, Photo-surfactants
1700       66. Eugene Pashkovski, Aging phenomena in colloidal dispersions
1730    End of Session

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Session I2 (Monday, 1400-1700) Dispersions
Session Chair - John Walz

1400    149. B.P. Binks, Limited coalescence in particle stabilized emulsions: Experiment and theory
1430    150. Robert Dryfe, Controlling deposition at the liquid/liquid interface: Deposition of Pt and Pd nanoparticles
1445    151. Gerald G. Fuller, Particle-stabilized emulsions: Stability, coalescence, and adhesion
1515    Break
1530    152. Werner A. Goedel, Particle assisted wetting
1600    153. Peter A. Kralchevsky, Capillary interactions and structuring of particles at fluid interfaces – New developments
1630    154. Hui Xu, Soft colloids as models for the study of liquid spreading on surfaces
1700    End of Session

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Session I3 (Tuesday, 1400-1730) Dispersions
Session Chair - Eugene Shchukin

1400    219. Helmut Auweter, Nanoparticles and polymers: Tuning the interactions
1430    220. Anna Balazs, Predicting the morphologies of confined copolymer/nanoparticle mixtures
1500    221. Joseph J. McCarthy, Controlling particle mixing and segregation
1515    Break
1530    222. John Walz, Measurement of depletion and structural forces in charged colloidal systems
1600    223. Yonghui Yuan, Effects of surfactants and polymers on dispersion of ZnO nanoparticles
1630    224. Nava Narkis, Simultaneous powdered activated carbon adsorption and flocculation in combined effluents' tertiary treatment
1700    End of Session

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Quantum Dots

Session J1 (Sunday, 1400-1700) Quantum Dots
Session Chair - Paul Mulvaney

1400       67. Roger M. Leblanc, Quantum dots: Immobilization and surface chemistry studies
1445       68. Qun (Treen) Huo, Gold nanoparticles with single surface functional groups: Synthesis and applications
1500       69. Lucia Pasquato, Functional nanoparticles as enzyme analogues
1515    Break
1530       70. Kui Yu, Synthesis and characterization of CdSe quantum dots
1600       71. Francesco Stellacci, Metal nanoparticles with sub-nanometer phase separated domains in their ligand shell
1630       72. Fernando Reboredo, Theory semiconductor quantum dots of group IV: optical properties, surface control, and functionalization
1700    End of Session

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Session K1 (Sunday, 1400-1715) Devices
Session Chair - Donald Fitzmaurice

1400       73. Eric W. Kaler, On-chip colloidal assembly of electrically functional structures
1445       74. Peilin Chen, Size- and shape-controlled fabrication of periodic nanostructures by nanosphere lithography
1515    Break
1530       75. Heiko O. Jacobs, NanoXerography: The directed self-assembly of nanoparticle building blocks onto charged based receptors
1545       76. Tianhong Cui, Lithographic approaches to pattern nanoparticle thin films for microelectronic and MEMS devices
1600       77. Alex I. Smirnov, Lipid nanotubes and lipid nanotube arrays for biochip applications
1630       78. Yasuo Tomita, Nanoparticle-dispersed photopolymer films for holographic recording with diffraction efficiency near 100%
1645       79. Jean-Christophe P. Gabriel, Nanotube integration into functional marketable devices
1715    End of Session

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Session K2 (Monday, 1400-1700) Devices
Session Chair - Heiko Jacobs

1400    160. Donald Fitzmaurice, Nanoparticle based wires and switches
1445    161. Alireza Nojeh, Exploiting the inherent electromechanical properties of carbon nanotubes to make nanoelectronic devices
1515    Break
1530    162. George C. Schatz, Metal nanoparticle optical sensors
1600    163. Kadir Aslan, Plasmonic small molecule sensing
1615    164. Yoshihiro Sasaki, Cerasomes as organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization, and functionalization as molecular devices
1630    165. Alexander Wei, Designing nanoparticle arrays as sensors of biomolecular transport
1700    End of Session

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Session K3 (Tuesday, 1400-1700) Devices
Session Chair - Frank Scheffold

1400    232. Paul Braun, Adding functionality to photonic crystals: Colloidal epitaxy, waveguides and chemical sensors
1445    233. Stephen H. Foulger, New ordered materials from polymer colloids
1515    Break
1530    234. Ludovico Cademartiri, Colloidal photonic crystals: A path towards the synthetic all-optical computer?
1600    235. Beatriz H. Juarez, Optimization of opal matrices for photonic band gap applications
1630    236. Norihito Sogoshi, Magnetic tuning of colloidal crystal color
1700    End of Session

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Nanotube Assembly for Devices

Session L1 (Monday, 0900-1230) Nanotube Assembly for Devices
Session Chair - Eric Kaler

0900    120. Nina Kovtyukhova, Individual single-walled carbon nanotubes as building blocks for functional nanostructures
0945    121. Alan Cassell, Strategies for controlling carbon nanotube growth for nanodevice integration
1015    Break
1030    122. Pehr Pehrsson, Manipulation, sorting and assembly of carbon nanotubes by dielectrophoresis
1100    123. Gregg R. Dieckmann, Use of designed amphiphilic peptides for the solubilization and self-assembly of carbon nanotubes
1130    124. Shaoming Huang, Controlled fabrication of SWNTs architecture for device applications
1200    125. Jin Zhang, Chemical tailing and manipulation of single wall carbon nanotubes
1230    End of Session

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Nanotube/Nanowire Electronic and Optical Characterization

Session M1 (Monday, 0900-1200) Nanotube/Nanowire Electronic and Optical Characterization
Session Chair - Olga Micic

0900    155. Tobias Hertel, Ultrafast spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes
0945    156. Haim Grebel, Linear and nonlinear optical properties of single wall carbon nanotubes
1015    Break
1030    157. Min Hu, Coherent excitation of vibrational modes in nanospheres and nanorods
1100    158. Young Hee Lee, Tailoring electronic structures of carbon nanotubes
1130    159. Tev Kuykendall, Semiconductor nanowires and their optical properties
1200    End of Session

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Session N1 (Tuesday, 0900-1230) Nanorods
Session Chair - Yunfeng Lu

0900    179. Paul Mulvaney, Metal nanorods:  Synthesis, optical properties and response to heating
0945    180. Olga Micic, Growth of soluble InP quantum rods via reaction of indium droplets with phosphine
1015    Break
1030    181. Walter Paxton, Autonomous movement of catalytic meso-scale rods
1100    182. Nicola Pinna, Divanadium pentoxide model catalysts: from nanorods to nanowires Would appreciate some support.
1130    183. H.Y. Zhu, Reactions of titanate nanofibers
1200    184. Hongzheng Chen, Synthesis and characterization of organic nanowires/nanorods templated by carbon nanotubes
1230    End of Session

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Hollow and Porous Particles

Session O1 (Tuesday, 0900-1145) Hollow and Porous Particles
Session Chair - Robert James

0900    196. Zhifei Dai, Nanoassembled smart hollow capsules
0945    197. Lennart Bergstrom, Nanoporous colloids for functional applications: Synthesis, functionalization and self-assembly
1015    Break
1030    198. Yunfeng Lu, Continuous and efficient synthesis of mesoporous carbon particles using aerosol-assisted self-assembly process
1100    199. Carl P. Tripp, Synthesis of porous and nano-sized tungsten oxide and their application for improved detection selectivity in semiconducting metal oxide sensors
1130    200. Carmen I. Zoldesi, From emulsion droplets to hollow microspheres and microfoams
1145    End of Session

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Session Q1 (Tuesday, 0900-1215) Nanopowders
Session Chair - Helmut Bonnemann

0900    201. Richard M. Laine, Synthesis and processing of multimetallic, oxide nanoparticles produced by flame spray pyrolysis
0945    202. Yushan Yan, Zeolite nanoparticles: From computer chips to fuel cells
1015    Break
1030    203. R. W. Brotzman, Jr., NanoArc™ - A new physical vapor synthesis process
1100    204. Ameay Bapat, Single crystal silicon nanoparticle synthesis using nonthermal plasmas
1115    205. Jun Ding, Nanostructured magnetic powders prepared by mechanical alloying
1145    206. Ishwar K. Puri, Strategies for the flame synthesis of aligned carbon nanotubes and nanofibers
1200    207. Alan F Rawle, Nanopowders – An oxymoron?
1215    End of Session

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Polymer Colloids

Session R1 (Tuesday, 0900-1200) Polymer Colloids
Session Chair - Pei Li

0900    208. Haruma Kawaguchi, Novel functions of unique hairy particles
0945    209. Lyudmila Bronstein, Nanoparticles in polymer colloids: Synthesis, structure, and properties
1015    Break
1030    210. Wolfgang Meier, Biologically Functionalized Block Copolymer Vesicles
1100    211. In Woo Cheong, Structure-property relationship of MDI-IPDI hybrid polyurethane-urea nanoparticles
1130    212. T. Andrew Taton, Crosslinked, block-copolymer shells for nanoparticles and nanotubes
1200    End of Session

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P1 – Poster Session

Session P1 (Monday, 1800-2000, Grand Ballroom D) Poster Session
Session Chair - Melanie Martin

    Nanotubes and Nanowires
251. Carlos M. van Kats, The etching of monodisperse, high aspect ratio, colloidal silicon and silica rods
252. Klara Hernadi, CVD synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
253. América Vázquez-Olmos, Self-assembly of copper oxide nanoparticles to nanowires
254. Hai-Feng Zhang, Helical silica nanosprings and and silica nanotubes
255. Robert I. MacCuspie, Molecular recognition-driven alignment of protein nanotubes on surfaces and their morphology-controlled biomineralizations

    Particle Arrays and Devices
256. Kadir Aslan, Novel metallic rod and triangular nanostructures for metal-enhanced fluorescence
257. Gennady B. Khomutov, New planar DNA-amphiphilic polycation complexes as templates for fabrication of organized arrays of inorganic nanoparticles
258. Masashi Kunitake, Construction and in-situ STM imaging of 2D-molecular arrangements with network and nanotube structures
259. Julien Polleux, Ligand-directed assembly of preformed titania nanocrystals into highly anisotropic nanostructures
260. Zoran V. Saponjic, Shaping nanoscale architecture through surface chemistry
261. Zhongchun Wang, Using WO3 to modulate the electro-optical properties of Ag nanoparticles
262. Hui Xu, Two-dimensional porous membranes and nanostructures based on colloidal templating
263. Hélène Yockell-Lelièvre, Self-assembled 2D arrays of organically-coated gold and silica nanoparticles

264. Withdrawn
265. Werner A. Goedel, From particle assisted wetting to structured surfaces, porous membranes, and nonspherical objects
266. Ingo H. Leubner, Mass formation of the universe as a crystallization process
267. Serge Ravaine, The limited coalescence process and its consequences on the stability and rheological properties of solid-stabilized emulsions

268. Serge Ravaine, Synthesis of daisy-shaped and multipod-like silica/polystyrene nanocomposites
269. Andriy Korchev, Silver nanoparticle generation in photo-reactive polymer films: Characterization, mechanism of formation and direct photopatterning
270. Andriy Korchev, Photochemical preparation and chemical reaction of gold nanoparticles within vycor porous glass
271. Canhui Lu, Pulverization of polypropylene/iron/waste tire rubber mistures and their application in acoustic attenuating composite materials

    Chemical Targeting and Delivery
272. Cornelius M. Keck, Nanopureâ technology  - Drug nanocrystals for the delivery of poorly soluble drugs
273. Rainer Mueller, Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) for oral administration of poorly soluble drugs
274. Barbara Stubbe, Lipid coated hydrogel microparticles for drug delivery
275. Barbara Stubbe, A new generation of encoded microspheres for high throughput screening
276. Withdrawn

    Particle Characterization
277. Maria-Teresa Celis, Issues for emulsifier characterization: Theoretical and experimental studeis
278. Byung S. Choi, Nucleation and growth kinetic effects on particle size distributions
280. Malcolm Connah, Simultaneous dynamic and static light scattering with a compact goniometer system
281. Withdrawn
282. Maria Letizia Terranova, Chemical/structural characterization of carbon nanoparticles produced by laser pyrolysis and used for nanotube growth
283. Maria Letizia Terranova, Photoluminescence of Si nanoparticles embedded in diamond layers
284. Tetsuji Yamaguchi, Development of a photon correlation spectroscopy instrument to measure exact size distributions of single nanoparticles
285. Weili Yu, Different techniques for different applications – Particles size characterization

    Nanoparticles Synthesis
286. Byeongno Lee, Preparation of dispersed liquid of TiO2 nanoparticles for ink-jet printers
287. Byeongno Lee, Preparation of TiOPC (titanium oxide phthalocyanine complex) nanoparticles as charge generation material for organic photoconducting drum in laser printers
288. Withdrawn
289. Withdrawn
290. David Díaz, Iron oxide nanoparticles from Alcaline and spontaneous hydrolysis of Fe(II) and Fe(III) salts in DMSO
291. Christopher L. Kitchens, Tailored synthesis of metallic nanoparticles within compressed and supercritical fluid reverse micelles
292. Jin-Woong Kim, Synthesis of metal nanoparticles within pores of surface-functional porous polymer microspheres
293. Jean-Luc Lemyre, Luminescent inorganic nanoparticles for dispersion in organic media
294. Jin Lu, Cerium-titanium composite nanoparticle synthesis and its application in chemical mechanical planarization (II)
295. Withdrawn
296. Mark C. Thies, Fluorinated organic nanoparticles by rapid expansion of supercritical solutions
297. John A. Shelnutt, Platinum-nanoparticle/peptide-nanotube composites
298. John A. Shelnutt, Controlled synthesis of dendritic platinum nanostructures
299. Pornapa Sujaridworakun, Synthesis and characterization of porous silica–supported anatase TiO2 nanoparticles by hydrothermal method
300. Yuichi Yonemochi, Preparation of highly dispersed calcium carbonate nanoparticles by using microbial-derived surfactant
301. Yuichi Yonemochi, Microstructure of iron oxide particles prepared by gel-sol methods and a hydrogen reduction process
302. Kui Yu, Control of the growth rate in the synthesis of high quality colloidal CdSe nanocrytals with high photoluminescence efficiency
303. Anna Maria Ferrari, Synthesis and characterization of nanosized ceria powders by microwave-hydrothermal methods
304. Carmen I. Zoldesi, Templationg emulsion droplets with silica

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Speaker/Presenter Index
(Name     Paper/Poster Number)

Abdel-Fattah, Amr I.  119
Ancona, Mario   51
Anderson, Mark S.  231
Antonietti, Markus  35
Aslan, Kadir   163, 254
Auweter, Helmut  219
Balazs, Anna   220
Banerjee, Sukanta  80
Bapat, Ameay   204
Barnard, Amanda  50
Berger, Shlomo  226
Bergman, Leah  237
Bergstrom, Lennart  197
Bhimaraj, Praveen  147
Bianco, Alberto  108
Binks, B.P.   149
Boennemann, Helmut  29
Bourgeat-Lami, Elodie  85
Bowen, Paul   28, 239
Braun, Paul   232
Brinker, Jeff   146
Bronstein, Lyudmila  209
Brotzman, R. W., Jr.  203
Cademartiri, Ludovico  234
Campbell, Stephen  23
Cassell, Alan   121
Celis, Maria-Teresa  114, 277
Chen, Yit-Tsong  140, 225
Chen, Peilin   74
Chen, Hongzheng  184
Cheong, In Woo  211
Choi, Byung S.   278
Clays, Koen   37
Cohen, Yachin   185
Coleman, Karl S.   5
Cölfen, Helmut   20, 58
Connah, Malcolm T.  25, 280
Cui, Tianhong    76
Dai, Zhifei   196
Dan, Nily   86
Davé, Rajesh N.  134, 262
Díaz, David   177, 290
Dieckmann, Gregg R.  123
Ding, Jun   205
Discher, Dennis  106
Driscoll, David   228
Drwiega, Jack   12
Dryfe, Robert   150
Dukhin, Andrei   112
Dutta, Prabir K.  8
Eastoe, Julian G.  65
Efrima, Shlomo  172
El-Shall, Hassan  191
Fan, Fengqiu   83
Fan, Hongyou   38
Farnood, Ramin  21
Felidj, Nordin   82
Feng, Si-Shen   105
Ferrari, Anna Maria  303
Fitzmaurice, Donald  160
Ford, Warren T.  36
Foster, Keir   115
Foulger, Stephen H.  233
Fuller, Gerald G.  151
Gabriel, Jean-Christophe P. 79
Gatica, Silvina   64
Gerardin, Corine  174
Giersig, Michael  128
Goedel, Werner A.  152, 265
Golan, Yuval   48
Grady, Brian P.  24
Grebel, Haim   156
Gupta, Ram B.   190
Gupta, Shalini   17
Hagström, Magnus  26
Hahn, David W.  113
Hernadi, Klara   97, 186, 252
Hertel, Tobias   155
Heuberger, Manfred  62
Hofmann, Heinrich  14
Horozov, Tommy S.  81, 170
Hu, Michael Z.   215
Hu, Min   157
Hu, Zheng   98
Hu, Zhibing   238
Huang, Shaoming  124
Huber, Dale L.   100
Huo, Qun (Treen)  68
Hwang, Kuo Chu  214
Iwaki, Toru   32
Jacobs, Heiko O.  75
Jada, Amane   27, 240
Jang, Myoseon  137
Jeyadevan, Balachandran 33
Johnston, Keith  131
Juarez, Beatriz H.  235
Kaler, Eric W.   73
Käll, Mikael   229
Kamiya, Hidehiro  175
Kawaguchi, Haruma  208
Keck, Connie   192, 272
Khomutov, Gennady  187, 257
Kim, Dong Yu   129
Kim, Jin-Woong  292
Kitchens, Christopher L. 291
Kolmakov, Andrei  47
Korchev, Andriy  13, 269, 270
Korgel, Brian A.  52
Kovtyukhova, Nina  120
Kralchevsky, Peter A.  153
Krämer, Michael  40
Kumacheva, Eugena  127
Kunitake, Masashi  116, 258
Kuykendall, Tev  159
Laine, Richard M.  201
Leblanc, Roger M.  67
Lee, Young Hee  158
Lee, Byeongno   286, 287
Lemyre, Jean-Luc  293
Leubner, Ingo H.  91, 241, 266
Leung, Tong   56
Li, Pei    109
Liu, Chao   34
Lu, Canhui   271
Lu, Jin     294
Lu, Yunfeng   198
Lynn, David   2
Lyon, L. Andrew  126
MacCuspie, Robert I.   255
Mackay, Raymond A.  193
Maeda, Mizuo   18
Mangeney, Claire  16
Mann, J. Adin, Jr.,  9
Manoharan, Vinny  88
Maria Ferrari, Anna  300
Markowitz, Michael  145
Masuda, Yoshitake  130
Matsui, Hiroshi   93
Matsuo, Masaru  59
Matsuyama, Tatsushi  135
McCarley, Robin L.  89
McCarthy, Joseph J.  221
Meier, Wolfgang  210
Micic, Olga   180
Mills, Jimmy   10
Moudgil, Brij M.  171
Mozetic, Miran   139
Mueller, Rainer   110, 273
Mulvaney, Paul  179
Nagabhushana, K.S.  242
Nagasaki, Yukio  107
Narkis, Moshe   101
Narkis, Nava   224
Ng, Hou-T   142
Niederberger, Markus  173
Nobbmann, Ulf   278
Nojeh, Alireza   161
Pashkovski, Eugene  66
Pasquato, Lucia  69
Patten, Timothy E.  42
Paxton, Walter   181
Pehrsson, Pehr  122
Perla, Venu   195
Pine, David   102
Pinna, Nicola   182
Podder, Pankaj  31
Polleux, Julien   259
Preece, Jon A.   216
Puri, Ishwar K.   206
Rabideau, Brooks  84
Radt, Benno   15
Ravaine, Serge   167, 267, 268
Rawle, Alan F.   207
Reboredo, Fernando  72
Ren, Zhi-Feng    4
Roberts, Christopher B. 132
Rotello, Vince   54
Saponjic, Zoran V.  260
Sasaki, Yoshihiro  164
Sawada, Tsutomu  168
Schatz, George C.  162
Scheffold, Frank  169
Schweizer, Kenneth S.  61
Searson, Peter   141
Shahbazyan, Tigran V.  117
Shchukin, Eugene  60
Shelnutt, John A.  297, 298
Shevchenko, Elena  39
Shon, Young-Seok  188
Sigmund, Wolfgang  43
Singh, Abhishek Kumar 3
Singh, Manmohan  111
Smirnov, Alex I.  77
Sogoshi, Norihito  236
Somasundaran, P.  194
Song, Zhen   11
Spicer, Patrick   136
Stein, Andreas   99
Steinhart, Martin  94
Stellacci, Francesco  71
Stenius, Per   55
Stubbe, Barbara  274, 275
Sujaridworakun, Pornapa 299
Sunkara, Mahendra K.  95, 138
Svenson, Sonke  90
Talapin, Dmitri   133
Tannenbaum, Rina  41
Taton, T. Andrew  212
Terranova, Maria Letizia 96, 282, 283
Terrones, Mauricio  104
Texter, John   217
Thies, Mark C.   296
Tomita, Yasuo   78
Tong, Yu Ye   227
Trappe, Véronique  118
Tripp, Carl P.   199
Vakarelski, Ivan  230
van Blaaderen, Alfons  144
van Kats, Carlos M.  87, 251
Vázquez-Olmos, América 253
Viau, Guillaume  49
Wagner, Norman  63
Wakamatsu, S.  279
Walz, John   222
Wang, Jingming  19
Wang, Lai-Sheng  143
Wang, Ning   53
Wang, Qi   189
Wang, Zhongchun  6, 261
Wei, Alexander   165
Weller, Horst   30
Wong, Stanislus S.  57
Wu, Yihong   44
Xiao, Zhili   213
Xu, Hui    154, 262
Yacaman, Miguel Jose  45
Yamaguchi, Tetsuji  22, 284
Yan, Yushan   202
Yang, Hong   103
Yavuz, Ozlem   148
Yockell-Lelièvre, Hélène   263
Yodh, Arjun   166
Yonemochi, Yuichi   300, 301
Yu, Kui    46, 70, 302
Yu, Weili   285
Yuan, Yonghui   223
Zhang, Daqing   7
Zhang, Hai-Feng  254
Zhang, Jin   125
Zhong, C.J.   176
Zhu, H.Y.   183
Zoldesi, Carmen I.  200, 304

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Program Sessions

(C) 2004 Particles Conference