Spray Dry Processing
Session J1

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Session J1 (Monday, 1400-1700)  Salon 14
Session Chair: C. Starbuck

1400 - 126. H.R. Costantino; Effect of process and formulation variables on particle size and integrity of spray-freeze dried proteins
1445 - 127. S.S. Feng; Spray/freeze dried micro/nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers for cancer chemotherapy
1515 - Break
1530 - 128. Y. Fukumori; Applications of chitosan nanoparticles as a material for spray coating and a gadolimium carrier for neutron capture therapy of cancer
1600 - 129. S.S. Guterres; Spray-drying to dry polymeric nanocapsule suspensions
1630 - 130. C. Berkland;  Controlled electrohydrodynamic spraying to produce precision micro- and nanostructures
1645 - 131. M.H.A. Santana; Process optimization for particulated spray dryed lipid microstructures
1700 - End of Session

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