Supercritical Fluids
Session I1

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Session I1 (Monday, 1400-1700)  Salon 16
Session Chair: B. Moudgil

1400 - 115. K. Johnston; Particle design for enhanced dissolution rates of poorly water soluble drugs
1430 - 116. P. Caliceti; Supercritical fluid techniques in the preparation of nanoparticulate protein delivery systems
1500 - 117. J.L. Owens; Compressed antisolvent precipitation and photopolymerization (CAPP) for the formation of crosslinked micropartilces useful for drug delivery
1515 - Break
1530 - 118. R. Gupta; Nanoparticles of poorly water soluble drugs using supercritical anti-solvent process with enhanced mass transfer
1600 - 119. H.S. Tan; Particulate drug delivery systems using supercritical fluid technology
1630 - 120. M. Yates; Development of a carbon dioxide-based microencapsulation technique
1700 - End of Session

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