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Particles 2002
20-23 April 2002
Medical/Biochemical Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, and Drug Delivery Applications of Particle Technology

Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, FL

Co-Sponsored by

The Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
of the American Chemical Society

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

The Particle Technology Forum
of AIChE

Supported By:

The Whitaker Foundation

Corporate Sponsors:

The Procter & Gamble Company
Nanoplex Technologies

An interdisciplinary international conference focusing on medical/biochemical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery applications of particle technology.


Encapsulation Targeting and Release
Particles in Diagnostics
Pharmaceutical Emulsion Technology
Particle Formation and Stabilization
Particle Characterization
Powders and Pulmonary Applications

Symposia Session Topics:

 Comminution and Attrition
Controlled Release
Emulsions and Multiple Emulsions
Experimental Design in Formulation
Gene Delivery and Therapy
Hydrogels and Microspheres
Liposomes in Drug Delivery
Magnetic Particles in Diagnostics and Separations
Micelles and Microemulsions
Nanoparticles in Diagnostics
Particle Precipitation by Solvent Shifting
Powder and Particle Characterization
Spray Dry Processing
Supercritical Fluids in Drug Delivery
Surface Modification

Plenary Lectures

Nicholas Peppas, Purdue University
Micro- and Nanospheres of Intelligent Biopolymers in Protein/Drug Delivery and Molecular Imprinting

Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
Ultrasensitive and Selective DNA and Protein-Based Detection by Nanoparticles

Frank Caruso, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Nanoscale coating and encapsulation of colloids for biological applications

International Organizing Committee

J. M. Asua (Spain)
V. Babak (Russia)
J.R. Baker (USA)
F. Boury (France)
D. Burgess (USA)
K. Caldwell (Sweden)
R. Duncan (UK)
M. El-Sayed (USA)
N. Garti (Israel)
K. Johnston (USA)
H. Kawaguchi (Japan)
J. H. Kim (Korea)
C. M. Lehr (Germany)
S. Margel (Israel)
G. Marti-Mestres (France)
H. Moehwald (Germany)
B. Moudgil (USA)
M. Mrksich (USA)
F. Nielloud (France)
T. Nilsen (USA)
R. Pfeffer (USA)
D. Poncelet (France)
M.C. Roco (USA)
J.-L. Salager (Venezuela)
S. Simoes (Portugal)
P. T. Spicer (USA)
J. Texter (USA), General Chair
J. Weers (USA)

Program Sessions
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