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Session P1 (Sunday, 1800-2000)

94. Wolfgang Meier (U Basel)
Functional nanocontainers from amphiphilic block copolymers

95. D. Hoffmann (MPI, Golm)
The formation of structured particles in miniemulsions

96. Hans-Peter Hentze (MPI-Golm)
Complex polymer gel morphologies by polymerization in lyotropic mesophases

97. Elodie Bourgeat-Lami (CNRS, Villeurbanne)
Synthesis of silica-PMMA nanocomposite latex particles by in situ heterocoagulation

98. Jung-Hyun Kim (Yonsei U)
New synthetic method for aromatic polycarbonate particles using supercritical CO2

99. Weidong Liu (Wright Patterson Air Force Base)
Morphology of organically-modified layered silicates (OLS) in binary solvents: Model systems for polymer nanocomposites

100. Per Stenstad (SINTEF)
Characterization of porous polymer beads using a modified mercury porosimetry method

101. Anne Dyrli (SINTEF)
Process for preparing polymer particles with narrow size distribution

102. Andrij Pich (Dresden U Technology)
Synthesis of functionalized particles by using polymeric inisurfs

103. Sascha General (MPI-Golm)
Surface modification of nanoparticles for drug delivery

104. Kazuhiro Sumioka (Kyushu U)
Tuning of optical properties of inverted opal as photonic crystal by deformation

105. Eugenia Kumacheva (U Toronto)
Core-shell particles for 3D optical memory storage

106. Younan Xia (U Washington)
Self-assembly of spherical colloids into well-controlled 2D and 3D structures

107. Jennifer Lewis (U Illinois)
Colloidal assembly of mesoscale periodic sructures

108. Eric Weeks (Emory U)
Real space imaging of nucleation and growth in colloidal crystallization

109. Paul Bowen (Swiss Federal Institue Technology)
Accurate particle size distribution measurement from nanometers to milimeters

110. Jamie Storey (Whitehouse Scientific)
Sieve calibration microspheres - Preparation and performance

111. Hemandt Pendse (U Maine)
Novel acoustic sensors for monitoring viscosity of colloidal dispersions

112. Pedro Arce (Florida State U)
Electrosettling of particles in sewage water: Experiments and preliminary interpretation

113. Mansur Mohammadi (Unilever Research)
A novel method for estimating the average particle size of concentrated dispersions based on a generalized refractive index equation

114. Yingqing Huang (Texas A&M U)
Comparison of average isotropic light scattering coeficients and average structure factors of poystyrene lattices at two debye lengths

115. D. Lerche (L.U.M. GmbH)
Particle characterization of mediuim and highly concentrated suspensions by means of cuvette photocentrifuge

116. Muhammet Toprak (Royal Instiute of Technology)
AFM study of self-assembled gold-coated nanoparticles

117. Michael Stintz (Technical U Dresden)
Ultrasonic spectroscopy of concentrated suspensions

118. Allen Wilkinson (NASA Glenn Research Center)
Automated microscope on the International Space Station

119. Luis H. Garcia-Rubio (U South Florida)
Characterization of the joint particle property distribution of micron and submicron particualte systems II: Applications to biological and synthetic particles

120. Christian Beck (Paul-Scherrer Institute)
Gradients in structure and dynamics of Y2O3 nanoparticles as revealed by x-ray and Raman scattering

121. Lajos Balogh (U Michigan)
Fabrication and characterization of well structured ultrathin dendrimer and nanocomposite multilayers

122. Jean Louis Salager (Venezuela)
Reduction of emulsion viscosity by adjusting a bimodal drop size distribution

123. Jean Louis Salager (Venezuela)
Influence of surfactant-oil-water composition on emulsion drop size

124. Piero Baglioni (U Florence)
Self-assembling of phosphatidylnucleosides and their uses as prodrug aggregates

125. Piero Baglioni (U Florence)
Nanosized crystals of Ca(OH)2: Properties and applications in cultural heritage conservations

126. Stepjen V. Pusztay (Purdue U)
Encaged nanoparticles: Enhanced stabilization by cross-linking of
adsorbed resorcinarene surfatants

127. Rigoberto C. Advincula (U Alabama, Birmingham)
Ultrathin film nanocomposites derived from nanoparticles synthesized in block copolymer micelles: Synthesis and characteriztaion

128. Dujreutai Pongkao (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Optimization for stoichiometric and morphology-controlled calcium phosphate crystals from bio-bearing calcium phosphate (BCP) under hydrothermal conditions

129. Takahiro Fujino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Formation and structural evolution of nano-structured carbon from various carbon materials under hydrothermal conditions

130. Toshikatsu Kobayashi (Nippon Paint Company)
Coating materials containing gold and silver nanoparticles

131. Richard M. Laine (U Michigan)
Electrically pumped continuous wave nanolasers

132. Shay Tirosh (Bar Ilan U)
"Parasitic" behavior of brookite phase during the synthesis of nanosize TiO2

133. Heinrich Hofmann (EPFL, Lausanne)
Synthesis of inorganic powders using laser spark atomization

134. Sotaris Pratsinis (ETH Zurich)
Bimodally porous titania powders by sol-gel spray processing

135. Justin McCue (MIT)
Tin-indium oxide nanoparticles for gas sensor applications

136. Jason Sweeney (MIT)
Synthesis and stabilization of high surface area zinc oxide

137. B. Basavalingu (Tokyo Institute Technology)
Hydrothermal preparation and characterization of nanostructured carbon particles

138. Maria Zaharescu (Romania Academy)
Sol-gel mono- and polycomponent nanosized powders in teh Al2O3-TiO2-SiO2-MgO system

139. Maria Zaharescu (Romania Academy)
Crystallization of nanosized Fe2O3 in the SiO2-Fe2O3 system obtained by sol-gel method

140. Darren Willauer (Nanotechnologies)
Plasma synthesis of nanocrystalline aluminum nitride powder

141. Chunzhong Li (East China University Science Technology)
Morphology and photocatalytic activities of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by high temperature oxidation of titanium tetrachloride

141. Rajdip Bandyopadhyaya (Ben-Gurion U)
A generalized model of nanoparticle formation

142. Imre Dekany (U Szeged)
Preparation of SnO2 nanoparticles incorporated in layered silicates for photocatalysis

143. Imre Dekany (U Szeged)
Semiconductor nanoparticles in layer-by-layer assembly for photocatalytic applications

144. Yurii Barnakov (Tohoky U)
Synthesis and characterization of CdSe quantum dots

145. Jumg Kim (U Maryland)
The preparation of pure metallic nanoparticles by spray pyrolysis

146. Curtis Johnson (Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake)
Aluminum powders - Solution preparation and thermogravimetric analysis

147. Julie Rose Javier (U Maryland)
Improving evaporation/condensation yield in the aerotaxy method by varying the flow configuration

148. Elena Goun (U Central Florida)
Fabrication of metallic nanowires using peptide nanotubes as templates and their controlled immobilization with magnetic fields

149. Joachim Wagner (U Saarlandes)
Preparation and characterization of monodisperse highly charged colloidal core-shell particles

150. Gyorgy Dekany (U Szeged)
Interaction between liposomes and neutral polymers - Effect of stabilizing on drug release

151. Zongyin Zhang (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
Effect of cobalt on the reduction of nanostructured W-Co powders

152. Arie Zaban (Bar-Ilan U)
Core-shell nanoporous electrodes for photoelectrochemical applications

153. Dejian Huang (MIT)
Immobilization of well-defined chiral Ru compleses on mesoporous silica foam through achiral ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation reactions

154. Barbara Wyslouzil (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Controlling nanoparticle nucleation and growth in supersonic nozzles

155. Hans Martin Sauer (U Ssaarlandes)
RF absorption in dilute suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles

156. Moonhor Ree (Pohang U Science Technology)
Nanoporous dielectric films prepared from polyalkylsilsesquioxanes: Preparation, structure, and properties.

157. Isabel Pastoriza-Santos (U Vigo)
Formation and stabilization of silver and gold nanoparticles in DMF using PVP as stabilizer

158. Quynh Nguyen (U Maryland)
Novel process based upon particle-precipitation-aided chemical vapor deposition (PP-CVD) for the production of porous materials

159. Gary Douberly (U Central Florida)
Fabrication of protein tubules using a peptide tubule template

160. Carlos Martiniz (U Illinois)
Structural and stress evoluton during drying of ceramic/latex suspensions

161. Pei Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic U)
Novel synthesis of amphiphilic core-shell nanoparticles

162. James Kilduff (RPI)
The catalytic activity of graphite particles in promoting oxidative coupling of phenol

163. Sheryl Ehrman (U Maryland)
Fumed silica and gamma iron oxide nanoparticles do not inhibit growth of E. Coli

164. Shlomo Efrima (Ben-Gurion U)
Alkyl Xanthates - New capping agents for metal colloids: Capping of platinum, siler and gold naoparticles

165. Stephen Carino (U Florida)
Amphiphile-templated silica thin-film formation

166. Royale Underhill (U Florida)
Core-shell silica particle synthesis and applications

167. Miguel Correa-Duarte (U Vigo)
Silica gels loaded with silica-coated nanoparticles

168. Norbert Buske (Berlin Heart AG)
Magnetic core-shell nanoparticles

169. América Vázquez Olmos (U Nacional Autónoma de México)
Interactions of PMAM dendrimers with CdS and CdS-Cu(II) colloidal nanoparticles

170. De-Jun Sun (Shandong U)
Aqueous dispersions of positively charged Al/Mg mixed metal hydroxide partilces: Surface chemistry and rheological properties

171. Gordon Lucas (MPI-KG, Golm)
Using ultracentrifugation as a method to isolate critical crystal nuclei

172. Klaus Albert (U Tuebingen)
Graft polymerization of styrene initiated by covalently bonded peroxide groups on silica

173. Younes Messaddeq (Institute of Chemistry, UNESP)
Planar waveguides prepared from organic-inorganic hybrid hosts loaded with inorganic nanoparticles

173 1/2. Rajesh Dave (NJIT)
Nanoparticle mixing and characterization

173 2/3. Darrin Willauer (Nanotechnologies))
Plasma synthesis of nanocrystalline aluminum nitride powder

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