Particles in Separations

Session C5 (Sunday, 1400-1645)
Session Chair: Raj Rajagopalan (U Florida)

1400 - 69. T. Alan Hatton; Tailored magnetic fluids for chemical processing
1430 - 70. Jeff Chalmers; Characterization of the magnetiphoretic mobility of cells labeled with paramagnetic nanoparticles
1500 - 71. Abraham Lenhoff; Confocal and probe microscopic approaches to characterizing protein transport and adsorption in chromatographic particles
1530 - Break
1545 - 72. Charles Martin; Research at the bio/nano interface: Nanotubule membranes for chemical and bioseparations and biosensors
1615 - 73. Werner Goedel; What colloids can do to a membrane
1645 End of session

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