Morphology Control in Precipitation and Condensation

Session C4 (Sunday, 0900-1200)
Session Chair: Jim Adair (Pennsylvania State U)

0900 - 43. Heinrich Hofmann; Controled inorganic particle formation by self-assembly of nanosized crystals
0930 - 44. Corine Gerardin; Growth control of inorganic colloids with hydrophilic block copolymers
1000 - 45. Wei Gao; The particle size distribution of cerium oxides from different precursors: The effect of dimensionless supersaturation
1015 - Break
1030 - 46. Helmut Auweter; Morphology control in precipitation of organic nanoparticles
1100 - 47. Ingo Leubner; Precision control of crystal size and morphology in controlled precipitations of organic and inorganic materials
1130 - 48. Bruce Kahn; Factors influencing the morphology and epitaxial growth rates of mixed silver halide phases
1200 End of session

Session C8 (Sunday, 1400-1615)
Session Chair: Corrine Gerardin (CNRS)

1400 - 89. James Adair; Solution synthesis of metal and metal oxide particles of controlled size and shape
1430 - 90. Arie Zaban; Controlling the physical properties of nanosize TiO2 by modification of the preparation conditions
1500 - 91. Nathalie Jongen; Precipitation of self-organized copper oxalate polycrystalline particles in the presence of a polymer additive - Control of particle shape
1515 - Break
1530 - 92. Yitzhak Mastai; Selective crystallization of racemic crystals with the assistance of chiral block copolymers
1600 - 93. Marcel Donnet; The segmented flow tubular reactor: An approach to by-pass the scale-up problem for synthesis of controlled particles
1615 End of session

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