Condensation in Homogeneous and Porous Media

Session C11 (Monday, 0900-1215)
Session Chair: Shlomo Efrima (Ben-Gurion U)

0900 - 215. Jurgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop; Rigid monlayers on planar and colloidal gold with caps containing porphyrin-heterodimers and porphyrin pillars
0930 - 216. Edwin Donath; From polyelectrolyte multilayers templated on latex particles and biological cells toward drug carriers, microreactors and artificial cells
1000 - 217. Imre Dekany; Semiconductor and noble metal nanoparticle synthesis in layer structured materials
1015 - Break
1030 - 218. Lyudmila Bronstein; Metal nanoparticle formation in polymeric materials containing nanocavities
1100 - 219. Jinsuo Xu; Anion-modified zirconia-based nanocomposite for catalytic applications
1115 - 220. Syed Ali Shah; Nucleation and growth studies of microporous nanoparticle crystals of heteropolyanion salts
1130 - 221. Jeff Coffer; Doped hydroxyapatite-porous silicon materials for drug delivery
1200 - 222. Edward Van Keuren; Nucleation and growth of organic molecular nanocrystals
1215 End of session

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