Particles in Layer-by-Layer Assembly

Session B12 (Tuesday, 1400-1715)
Session Chair: Nick Kotov (Oklahoma State U)

1400 - 338. Janos Fendler; Self-assembled nanostructure devices
1430 - 339. Nily Dan; Interactions between adsorbed polyelectrolyte layers: Repulsive or attractive?
1500 - 340. Masahiro Yoshimura; Direct fabrication of ceramics films from solutions by soft solution-processing
1530 - 341. Shlomo Efrima; Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of novel NLO active functionalized surface active molecules and metal nanoparticles
1600 - 342. Paula Hammond; Patterned polyelectrolytes as templates for colloidal assembly
1630 - 343. Zhong L. Wang; Contacts and self-assembly of shape-controlled nanocrystals
1700 - 344. Hiroshi Matsui; Fabrication of a nanocrystal tubule using a peptide nanotube template and its application as a signal-enhancing "nano-cuvette"
1715 End of session

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