Electronic Materials

Session B10 (Tuesday, 0900-1215)
Session Chair: Janos Fendler (Clarkson U)

20900 - 296. Beata Sweryda-Krawiec; Preparation of rectifying thin films based on silicon nanocrystallites using a soft chemical processing approach
0930 - 297. Nina Kovtyukhova; Assembly of nanoscale diodes from semiconductor/polymer and metal nanowire blocks
1000 - 298. Alexander Wei; Characterization and properties of resorcinarene-stabilized nanoparticles
1030 - Break
1045 - 299. Daniel R. Talham; A new class of "mineral liquid crystals": Nematic phases based on nanoparticles of organic/inorganic layered solids
1115 - 300. Moshe Narkis; Injection-moldable conductive multi-component composites containing very low carbon black content
1145 - 301. Nicholas Kotov; Stratified assemblies of nanoparticles
1215 End of session

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