Ensemble Characterization

Session A9 (Tuesday, 0900-1215)
Session Chair: Frank Etzler (Boehringer-Ingelheim)

0900 - 281. Frank Scheffold; Diffusing wave spectroscopy of concentrated particle suspensions and gels
0930 - 282. Cesar A. Silebi; Effect of colloidal forces on the separation efficiency in capillary hydrodynamic fractionation
1000 - 283. Joachim Wagner; Dynamics of highly charged colloidal suspensions by means of x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy
1015 - 284. Barbara Wyslouzil; Small angle neutron scattering from nanodroplet aerosols
1030 - 285. Rik ter Veen; Core-shell particle analysis with sedimentation and electrical field-flow fractionation
1100 - 286. Mark Bumiller; Particle shape measurements and comparison of results with
laser diffraction instruments
1115 - 287. Anthony Thornton; Use of graphic representation of goodness of fit in
laser scattering particle size distribution analysis
1130 - 288. Tonis Oja; Particle sizing in concentrated suspensions
1200 - 289. Siva Manickavasagam; Characterization of nanopowders and agglomerates
1215 End of session

Session A11 (Tuesday, 1400-1645)
Session Chair: Ted Provder (Polymer and Coating Consultants)

1400 - 325. Simon Haseler; On-line particle sizing by triple wavelength turbidimetry
1430 - 326. Pascal Bru (Formulaction; Optical characterization of concentrated dispersions: Application to stability control and on line process monitoring
1500 - 327. Marco Lattuada; Experimental study of multiple scattering effects on fractal dimension of colloidal gels
1515 - Break
1530 - 328. Mansur Mohammadi; A generalized refractive index equation based on Mie Theory for particle sizing
1545 - 329. Tyler Beck; High resolution nanoparticle size analysis using electromobility size separation and condensation particle counting techniques
1600 - 330. Zhigang Sun; Particle sizing of concentrated colloidal suspensions using frequency domain photon migration
1615 - 331. Christian Beck; Fullerenes as new colloidal model systems
1630 - 332. K.V. Rao; Magnetic ac-suseptibility: An efficient technique to quantify nanomagnetic particles
1645 End of session

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