Single Particle Sensing

Session A7 (Monday, 1400-1715)
Session Chair: Ted Provder (Polymer abd Coating Consultants)

1400 - 239. Frank Etzler; Particle size analysis: A comparison of methods
1430 - 240. David Driscoll; Physicochemical stability assessments of intravenous lipid emulsions: Light obscuration vs. laser diffraction
1500 - 241. Rune Karlsson; Single particle chemical analysis with aerosol time of flight mass spectrometry
1515 - Break
1530 - 242. Dave Nicoli; Overview of high-resolution particle size analysis of mostly-submicron distributions by SPOS with optional DLS
1600 - 243. Tom Fields; Dry particle size analysis by aerodynamic time of flight
1630 - 244. Cherie Turbett; A multi-tool approach to colloid stability: SPOS and separation analysis
1645 - 245. Graham Rideal; Particle size calibration standards - A brief history
1700 - 246. Kim Williams; Particle characterization using flow-field flow fractionation with on-line single particle optical sensing
1715 End of session

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