Rheology of Dispersions and Suspensions

Session A4 (Monday, 0900-1200)
Session Chair: Paul Luckham (Imperial College)

0900 - 183. Norman Wagner; The rheology of dense colloidal dispersions: Shear thickening, dilatancy and the effects of adsorbed polymer
0930 - 184. James L. Harden; Optical studies of formation and aging of clay nanoparticle gels
1000 - 185. A. A. Zaman; Role of particle size and electrostatic repulsion on viscosity and the onset of shear thickening in concentrated colloidal dispersions
1015 - Break
1030 - 186. Yue Hu; The critical role of flow-modified permittivity in electrorheology: Model and computer studies
1100 - 187. John Crocker; The microrheology of inhomogeneous materials measured by a two-particle method
1130 - 188. Phil Segre; Effective gravitational temperature in sedimentation
1200 End of session

Session A6 (Monday, 1400-1715)
Session Chair: Norman Wagner (U Delaware)

1400 - 231. Jan Mewis; Controling the rheology of concentrated, sterically stabilized suspensions
1430 - 232. Niels Ryde; Viscosity of sterically stabilized colloids at high solids concentrations
1500 - 233. Eugene Pashkovski; Rheology of colloidal particles in concentrated polymer solutions
1515 - Break
1530 - 234. Paul Luckham; How controlling interparticle forces in dispersion controls mechanical properties of advanced ceramic materials
1600 - 235. Veronique Trappe; Scaling of the viscoelasticity of weakly attractive particles
1630 - 236. Wolfram Haertl; The glass transition of highly charged colloidal systems
1645 - 237. D. Lerche; The particle interaction and viscosity behavior characterixation by sedimentation kinetics of concentrated suspensions in a centrifugal field
1700 - 238. Paul Bowen; Yield stress predictions of weakly addregated suspensions form interparticle forces and the effect of particle size distributions
1715 End of session

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