Particles 2001

24-27 February 2001
Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL

Invited and Contributing Speakers

Particle Characterization

Single Particle Counting Techniques
Frank Etzler (Boehringer-Ingelheim)
Particle size analysis: A comparison of methods
Dave Nicoli (Particle Sizing Systems)
High-resolution particle size analysis of mostly-submicron distributions by
SPOS, with optional DLS overview
Tom Fields (TSI Inc.)
Dry particle size analysis by aerodynamic time of flight
Rune Karlsson (TSI Inc.)
Single particle chemical analysis with aerosol time of flight
mass spectrometry
Patrick O'Hagan (Particle Sizing Systems)
A multi-tool approach to colloid stability: SPOS and separation analysis
David Driscoll (Harvard U)
Physicochemical stability assessments of intravenous lipid emulsions: Light
obscuration vs. laser diffraction

Ensemble Particle Characterization
Frank Scheffold (U Fribourg)
Diffusing wave spectroscopy of concentrated particle suspensions and gels
Sabine Desset (Formulaction, L'Union, France)
Optical characterization of concentrated dispersions: Application to
stability control and on line process monitoring
Jose Angel Sorrentino (U Central de Venezuela)
Comparison of particle size measuring methods for surface-volume mean diameter
Cesar A. Silebi (Lehigh U)
Karin Caldwell (Uppsala U)
Core-shell particle analysis with sedimentation and
electrical field-flow fractionation
Claus Urban (U Fribourg)
Multiple light scattering decorrelation for investigations of the structure
and dynamics in concentrated colloidal suspensions
Mark Bumiller (Malvern Instruments)
Particle shape measurements and comparison of results with
laser diffraction instruments
Tyler Beck (TSI Inc.)
High resolution nanoparticle size analysis using electromobility size
separation and condensation particle counting techniques
Mansur Mohammadi (Unilever)
A generalized refractive index equation based on Mie Theory for particle sizing
Marco Lattuade (ETH Zurich)
Experimental study of multiple scattering effects on fractal dimension of colloidal gels

Rheology of Dispersions and Suspensions
Norman Wagner (U Delaware)
The rheology of dense colloidal dispersions: Shear thickening, dilatancy and
the effects of adsorbed polymer
Jan Mewis (K.U. Leuven)
Controling the rheology of concentrated, sterically stabilized suspensions
Jose S. Moya (CSIC, Spain)
Phil Segre (NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center)
Effective gravitational temperature in sedimentation
James L. Harden (Johns Hopkins U)
Optical studies of formation and aging of clay nanoparticle gels
Veronique Trappe (U Fribourg)
Scaling of the viscoelasticity of weakly attractive particles
John Crocker (Cal Tech)
The microrheology of inhomogeneous materials measured by a
two-particle method
Niels Ryde (Elan Pharmaceutical Technologies)
Viscosity of sterically stabilized colloids at high solids concentrations
Eugene Pashkovski (Colgate Palmolive)
Rheology of colloidal particles in concentrated polymer solutions
Hua Wu (ETH Zurich)
A model relating structure of colloidal gels to their elastic properties
A. A. Zaman (U Florida)
Role of particle size and electrostatic repulsion on viscosity and the
onset of shear thickening in concentrated colloidal dispersions
Samesha R. Barnes (U Florida)
Characterization of hydrogen bonding sites on silica surfaces

Flocculation and Stabilization
Michal Borkovec (Clarkson U)
Absolute aggregation rate constants of well-characterized charged colloidal particles
Ponisseril Somasundaran (Columbia U)
Flocculation by low molecular weight "dispersants" under
ultra low dosage conditions
Lennart Bergström (Institute of Surface Chemistry, Stockholm)
Deagglomeration, dissolution and stabilization of fine powders in aqueous media
Wolfgang Sigmund (U Florida)
Synthesis, solubility and surface forces of nanopowders in aqueous systems
Per Linse (U Lund)
Structure and phase separation in solutions of like-charged colloidal particles
Brij Moudgil (U Florida)
Self-assembled surfactant mediated
dispersion of nanoparticulate systems for microelectronic applications
Alain Foissy (U Franche-Comte)
The use of polyelectrolytes to stabilize particles dispersions
Vince Hackley (NIST)
Dennis C. Prieve (Carnegie Mellon U)
Effect of physisorbed polymers on the interaction of latex particles and their dispersion stability
Philip Pincus (UC Santa Barbara)
Electrostatic effects on hydrophobically modified colloidal particles
Yves Grohens (CNRS, U Mulhouse)
Stereoregular polymer nanoparticles: Stabilization of
dispersions and patterning on surfaces
F. Javier de las Nieves (U Almeria)
Colloidal homo- and hetero-aggregation of model colloids
Madhavan S. Esayanur (U Florida)
Controlling polymer adsorption to oxides - Correlating polymer functionality
and active surface sites
Roger Leblanc (U Miami)
Surface chemistry study of amphiphilic dendrimers
Pankaj K. Singh (U Florida)
Dispersion and characterization of hydrophobic nanoparticles

Analysis of Particulate Films and Coatings
Ger Koper (U Delft)
Reflectometry: A versatile tool to characterize particulate coatings
Theo van de Ven (McGill U)
Light scattering by nanovoids in papers filled with colloidal particles
 Yves Grohens (CNRS, U Mulhouse)
Stereoregular polymer nanoparticles: Stabilization of dispersions and patterning of surfaces
Yuval Golan (Ben-Gurion U)
Microtribology and friction-induced material transfer in WS2 inorganic fullerene nanoparticles

Richard O'Brien (Colloidal Dynamics)
Determination of zeta potential in nanoparticle systems
Pedro Arce (Florida State U)
Geometrical effects on electokinetic removal of particles in soil clean-up
Michael Bevan (U Melbourne)
Light scattering and electrophoresis of aqueous decane/SDS droplets
Ana Morfesis (Malvern Instruments, Inc.)
High resolution zeta potential measurements: Analysis of
multi-component mixtures

Microscopy and Image Analysis
Ishi Talmon (Technion)
Raj Rajagopalan (U Florida)
Measuring surface and interparticle forces using optical traps
Eric Weeks (Emory U)
Observations of dynamical heterogeneities in colloidal glasses via confocal microscopy

Optical and Electronic Characterization of Particles
Tamil Selvan (U Melbourne)
Nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles in silica glass
Dan Meisel (U Notre Dame)
The core to shell interface in nanoparticles
Aristide Dogariu (U Central Florida)
Low coherence light scattering - A novel approach to optical sensing
Luis H. Garcia-Rubio (U South Florida)
On-line wavelength dependent angular scattering & absorbance
for particle size characterization
Simon Haseler (Eastman Kodak Company)
On-line particle sizing by triple wavelength turbidimetry
Greg Hartland (U Notre Dame)
Photophysics of bi-metallic core-shell nanoparticles
M. Lisa Bruder (U South Florida)
A strategy for the implementation of the regularized solution for particle size estimation
from transmission spectroscopy
David C. Hanley (U Utah)
Fluorescence imaging of covalently labeled silica nanoparticles: Characterization of
particle labeling distributions and chemical environments

Powder and Nanocrystal Characterization
Avi Marmur (Technion)
Wetting of particles
Helmut Coelfen (MPI-Golm)
Determination of Angström resolved particle size distributions in solution
Ken Klabunde (Kansas State U)
Nanocrystalline metal oxides as destructive adsorbents for military warfare agents and their mimics at ambient temperatures
Shlomo Berger (Technion)
Dielectric properties of nanopowders
Clive Prestidge (U South Australia)
Face dependent properties of pharmaceutical crystals
Jürgen Tomas (Otto von Guericke U)
Flow properties of cohesive nanopowders
Peter I. Ravikovitch  (TRI/Princeton)
Advances in adsorption characterization of nanoporosity
Brian Kaye (Laurentian U)
Chaotic perspectives in powder technology

Advanced Materials

Colloidal Crystallization
Sanford Asher (U Pittsburgh)
Eugenia Kumacheva (U Toronto)
Colloid crystal growth under oscillatory shear
Donald Fitzmaurice (U Dublin)
Programmed nanoparticle assembly in solution
Mathias Brust (U Liverpool)
Nanostructure self-assembly from gold and silver particles
Andrew Lyon (Georgia Tech)
Colloidal crystals of environmentally-responsive microgels
Vesselin Paunov (U Hull)
Lateral electrostatic and capillary interactions between colloid particles
adsorbed on liquid surfaces
Felix M. van der Kooij (Utrecht U)
Entropy-driven liquid crystal varieties in suspensions of plate and rod-like colloids
H. H. Paradies (U Applied Sciences, Iserlohn & Hagen)
Polyamorphsim and polymorphism of colloidal crystals
Jennifer A. Lewis (U Illinois)
Colloidal assembly of mesoscale periodic structures
Narendra M. Dixit (U Illinois)
Crystal nucleation rates for nanoparticles interacting with anisotropic pair potentials
Thomas Zemb (Saclay)
Equation of state of a colloidal crystal: An USAXS and osmotic pressure study

Self-Assembled Films
Robert Aveyard (U Hull)
Experimental studies of organized particle monolayers
at liquid interfaces
Jim Rathman (Ohio State U)
Composite structured films formed in reactive and non-reactive monolayers
Stefan Kirstein (Humboldt U Berlin)
Opto-electronic properties of thin films of polycations and CdTe nanoparticles
Oren Regev (Ben Gurian U)
Mesoporous materials in bulk and in thin films

Particle-Based Electronic Materials
Beata Sweryda-Krawiec (Clemson U)
Preparation of rectifying thin films based on silicon nanocrystallites using a soft
chemical processing approach
Daniel R. Talham (U Florida)
A new class of "mineral liquid crystals": Nematic phases based on nanoparticles
of organic/inorganic layered solids
Alexander Wei (Purdue U)
Characterization and properties of resorcinarene-stabilized nanoparticles
Moshe Narkis (Technion)
Injection-moldable conductive multi-component composites containing very low carbon black content
Charles Martin (U Florida)
Research at the bio/nano interface: Nanotubule membranes for chemical
and bioseparations and biosensors
Nicholas Kotov (Oklahoma State U)
Stratified assemblies of nanoparticles
Nina Kovtyukhova (Penn State U)
Assembly of nanoscale diodes from   semiconductor/polymer and  metal
nanowire blocks

Particle-Based Mesoporous Materials
Jeff Brinker (Sandia)
Evaporation-induced self-assembly of nanostructured nanoparticles
Andreas Stein (U Minnesota)
Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous solids - The gems of
chemistry and physicis
Orlin Velev (U Delaware)
Colloidal engineering: Functional materials and devices via templated assembly
Tetsuo Saji (Tokyo Institute Technology)
Electroplating of particles using surfactants containing an azobenzene group
Jackie Ying (MIT)
Supramolecular templating of nanoporous materials
Hongyou Fan (Sandia)
Prabir K. Dutta (Ohio State U)
Synthesis of microporous materials from meverse micelles:
Investigation of crystal growth processes
Yunfeng Lu (Tulane U)
Self-assembled nanostructured particles
Paul Luckham (Imperial College)
How controling interparticle forces in a dispersion in turn controls the
structural properties of advanced ceramic materials
Helmut Schmidt (Institut für Neue Materialien)
Preparation and chemical processing of nanoparticles
to materials and industrial products
Mansur Ree (Pohang U)
Nanoporous dielectric films prepared from polyalkylsilsesquioxanes: Preparation,
structure, and properties

Particle-Based Optical Materials
Pierre Wiltzius (Lucent)
Colloidal self-assembly and novel optical materials
David Norris (NEC Research Institute)
Probing the photonic band gap in inverted opals
Y. Xia (U Washington)
Fabrication of complex structures with monodispersed colloids as the building blocks
Yue Hu (Wellesey College)
The critical role of flow-modified permittivity in electrorheology: Model and computer simulation
Francisco J. Meseguer Rico (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Fabrication of opal templates for photonic devices
David Pine (UC Santa Barbara)
George Watson (U Delaware)
Optical measurements of band structure and impurity states in 3-D colloidal crystals
Nick Abbott (U Wisconsin, Madison)
Topological defects formed about solid particles in thermotropic liquid crystals
Cefe López (CSIC, Madrid)
Photonic bandgap properties of inverse opals fabricated by various methods
Alexander Moroz (Utrecht U)
Optical properties of photonic crystals of spherical particles
Haim Grebel (NJIT)
'Nano within nano' - Semiconductor particles imbedded within synthetic opal
Christopher A. White (Lucent)
Design, understanding, and realization of microstructured optical fibers
Tetsuo Tsutsui (Kyushu U)
Control of spontaneous emission using ordered arrays of silica microspheres
Clivia M. Sottomayor Torres (U Wuppertal)
Properties of nanocomposites as photonic crystals
Alfons van Blaaderen (Utrecht U)
Manipulation of colloidal crystallization for photonic applications
Warren Ford (Oklahoma State U
Facile conversion of colloidal crystals to ordered porous polymer nets
Paul Braun (U Illinois)
Fabrication of highly oriented photonic crystals
Peter Mach (Lucent)
Optical switching behavior of liquid crystals incorporated into self-assembled colloids
Hernan Miguez (CSIC, Madrid)
Inverse opals made by chemical vapor deposition and their photonic crystal properties

Other Composites and Nanocomposites
Emmanuel Giannelis (Cornell U)
Raymond A. Mackay (Clarkson U)
Nanoparticles and composites from surfactant-based systems
Curt Frank (Stanford U)
Development of high surface area substrates based on
silica/latex composites
Syed Qutubuddin (Case Western Reserve U)
Colloidal approach to polymer-clay nanocomposites
Jeff Gilman (NIST)
Flammability of polymer nanocomposites
Rigoberto C. Advincula (U Alabama, Birmingham)
Surface initiated polymerization on silica and clay nanoparticles:  Model studies
and nanostructured composites

Particle Arrays
Joachim Spatz (U Ulm)
Functional nanoparticle assembly on surfaces by diblock copolymers - A nonconventional lithographic technique
Sukanta Banerjee (Bioarray Solutions)
Assembly of 2D microparticle arrays using light and interfacial patterning
Lev Bromberg (MIT)
"Smart" self assembling systems
Derek Chan (U Melbourne)
Phase behavior in low salt colloidal systems
Joanna Aizenberg (Lucent)
Fabrication of two-dimensional arrays of colloidal particles using
patterned self-assembled monolayers
Sara Majetich (Carnegie Melon U)
Magnetic nanoparticle arrays and interactions
Dietmar Pum (U Bodenkultur Wien)
S-layers as templates in the fomation of ordered nanoparticle arrays
Philippe Poulin (U Bordeaux)
Colloidal ordering in liquid crystals
Jeremy Ramsden (U Basel)
Charge-directed self assembly of multiparticle arrays
Michael Giersig (Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin)
On the road from morphological to atomic information
on single nanoparticles and multidimensional structures

Particles in Layer by Layer Assembly
Janos Fendler (Clarkson U)
Self-assembled nanostructure devices
Nily Dan (Drexel U)
Interactions between adsorbed polyelectrolyte layers: Repulsive or attractive?
Masahiro Yoshimura (Tokyo)
Direct fabrication of ceramics films from solutions by soft
Zhong L. Wang (Georgia Tech)
Contacts and self-assembly of shape-controlled nanocrystals
Pieter Stroeve (U California, Davis)
Nanoparticles in layer-by-layer polyionic assemblies
Hiroshi Matsui (U Central Florida)
Fabrication of a nanocrystal tubule using a peptide nanotube template and its
application as a signal-enhancing "nano-cuvette"
Shlomo Efrima (Ben Gurian U)
Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of novel NLO active functionalized surface active
molecules and metal nanoparticles
Paula Hammond (MIT)
Patterned polyelectrolytes as templates for colloidal assembly

Particle Formation

Nanoparticle Synthesis
Klaus Tauer (MPI)
Block copolymer latex particles
Paul Alivasatos (UC Berkeley)
Semiconductor nanocrystals as biological labels
Marie-Paule Pileni (U Pierre et Marie Curie)
Fabrication and properties of nanocrystals assembled in various structures
Brian Robinson (U East Anglia)
Christopher Roberts (Auburn U)
Nanoparticle synthesis in supercritical fluid microemulsions
Mostafa El-Sayed (Georgia Tech)
Some interesting observed properties of material confined in time and
nanometer space of different shapes
Zoltan Schelly (U Texas, Arlington)
Preparation of quantum dots via electroporation of vesicles
John Zhang (Georgia Tech)
Chemical control of the superparamagnetic properties of nanoparticles
Paul Reynolds (Bristol Colloid Centre)
CdS nanoparticles to bulk: Chemistry with optical properties
Brian Korgel (U Texas, Austin)
New directions in nanoscience: Nanowires and bioelectronic interfacing strategies
Avi Ulman (Polytechnic U)
Sonochemical synthesis and functionalization of iron oxide nanoparticles
Ram Gupta (Auburn U)
Formation of nanoparticles and coated nanoparticles in supercritical CO2
Promod Kumar (Gillette)
Formation of magnetic nanoparticles in reverse microemulsions
Jung-Hyun Kim (Yonsei U)
Direct formation of P/F aerogel particles by supercritical CO2 technology
Michael Z. C. Hu (Oak Ridge National Lab)
From molecular precursors to nanoparticles and nanostructured materials
Joseph L. Katz (Johns Hopkins University)
Flame synthesis of nanosized ceramic oxide powders
Adi Eisenberg (McGill U)
Mechanisms of morphological transformations in block copolymer aggregates
Uri Banin (Hebrew U Jerusalem)
Preparation and properties of core/shell nanocrystals with InAs cores
Z. George Zhang (Valvoline)
Silver nanoparticles prepared in inverse micellar solutions
Fernand Fiévet (U Paris)
Reduction or hydrolysis in polyols : A versatile method to prepare fine metal or oxide particles
Munir Nayfeh (U Illinois)
Synthesis of ultrasmall ultrabright Si nanoparticles: Are they a new phase of matter?
Michael Maskos(McGill U)
Amphiphilic nanomolecules through cross-linking of self-assembled
diblock copolymers in selective solvents
Ya-Ping Sun (Clemson U)
Supercritical fluid processing of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles
Stephen O'Brien (Columbia U)
Oxide nanoparticles: Synthesis strategy and size dependent properties
Albert Philipse (Utrecht U)
Monodisperse magnetic colloids
Miguel José Yacamán (U Texas, Austin)
Synthesis and characterization of 1 nm Pt, Rh, and Pd particles

Large Particle Synthesis
T. Alan Hatton (MIT)
Stability and clustering of nanoparticles in magnetic fluids
Ruth Schmid (SINTEF, Trondheim)
Monosized particles from step polymers

Emulsion, Miniemulsion, Suspension, and Microemulsion Polymerization
Eric Kaler (U Delaware)
Microemulsion Polymerization Processes
Vijay John (Tulane U)
Surfactant gels and the templated generation of nanoparticle networks
Julian Eastoe (U Bristol)
Control over phase curvature using mixtures of polymerizable surfactants
Do Ik Lee (Dow)
Nanostructured polymer particles made by sequential multi-stage emulsion polymerization
Joe DeSimone (U North Carolina)
Solid supports for catalysis and separation processes in compressed carbon dioxide
Mehmet Demirors (Dow)
Formation of polybutadiene particles in polystyrene: Recent advances in understanding
the  role of molecular parameters
Matt Aldissi (Fractal Systems)
Conductive nanocomposites in microelectronics
Elodie Bourgeat-Lami (CNRS, Villeurbanne)
Silica coated latex particle using silane coupling agents in emulsion polymerization

Nanopowder Production
Sotiris Pratsinis (ETH Zentrum, Zurich)
Flame synthesis of nanopowders
Richard Laine (U Michigan)
Low-cost multimetallic, single crystal, oxide nanoparticles
Aharon Gedanken (Bar-Ilan U)
 The use of ultrasound radiation in the fabrication of nanoparticles (nanoamorphous and nanocrystalline)
Don Freed (Nanophase Technologies)
Commercial scale applications of nanomaterials
Herbert Giesche (Alfred U)
Nanostructured ceramic powders prepared in microemulsions -
The basic synthesis process and scale-up possibilities
Piero Baglioni (U Florence)
A new way to prepare nanoparticles and nanostructured materials - Flame spraying of microemulsions
Andreas Gutsch (Degussa-Huels AG)
Project House Nanomaterials -  A  new concept of strategic research
Gina Kritchevsky (Nanophase Technologies)
Tassilo Moritz (Fraunhofer-Institute of Ceramic Technologies and Sintered Materials)
Development of soft granulates with improved flowability from nanosized powders by
spray freeze granulation
P. Roth (U Duisburg)
Flame synthesis of gamma-Fe2O3 particles: Formation kinetics and particle characteristics

Morphology Control in Precipitation Technology
Ingo Leubner (Crystallization Consulting)
Precision control of crystal size and morphology in controlled precipitations
of organic and inorganic materials
Corine Gerardin (CNRS Rhodia)
Growth control of inorganic colloids with hydrophilic block copolymers
Heinrich Hofmann (EPFL)
Controled inorganic particle formation by self-assembly of nanosized crystals
Yitzhak Mastai (MPI - Golm)
Selective crystallization of racemic crystals with the assistance of chiral block copolymers
Helmut Auweter (BASF AG)
Morphology control in precipitation of organic nanoparticles
Nathalie Jongen (EPFL, Lausanne)
Precipitation of self-organized copper oxalate polycrystalline particles
in the presence of a polymer additive - Control of particle shape

Hydrothermal Synthesis
James Adair (PSU)
Solution synthesis of metal and metal oxide particles of controlled size and shape
Vladimir Privman (Clarkson U)
Size distribution in growth of fine particles
Arie Zaban (Bar-Ilan U)
Controlling the physical properties of nanosize TiO2 by modification of the preparation conditions

Surface Modification
Richard Partch (Clarkson U)
Particle coating and gradient functionalization to improve properties and processing
Brian Grady (U Oklahoma & MPI-Golm)
Admicellar polymerization: The use of adsorbed surfactant layers as
polymerization templates at the solid-water interface
Shlomo Margel (Bar-Ilan U)
Synthesis, surface modification and biomedical applications of
micro and nanoscaled uniform functional particles
Ramsharan Singh (Ohio State U)
Surface-modification of nano-crystalline zeolite Y:
Applications in ion exchange, spectroscopy and sensing
Michael A. Markowitz (Naval Research Laboratory)
Organophosphonate adsorption with surface-imprinted silicates
J. Edward Glass (North Dakota State U)
Particle stabilization with surfactant-modified water-soluble polymers
Robert Pfeffer (NJIT)
Promotion of deactivated sintering by surface modification of particles using dry particle coating
Nathaniel Barney (Clarkson U)
Hard/soft and density control of particulate abrasives
G. B. Basim (U Florida)
Effect of soft agglomerates in chemical mechanical polishing slurries
on polishing performance

Nanopigments for Marking and Printing Technology
Arno Boehm (BASF)
Nanocolorants - More than colored nanoparticles

Organic Particle Precipitation
J. B.Nagy (U Namur)
John Texter (SRC)
Organic pigment precipitation by acid shifting
M. Christine Brick (Kodak)
Preparation of organic solid particle dispersions by solvent shifting

Precipitation in Porous Matrices and Entrapment
Helmuth Möhwald (MPI)
Ron Ziolo (Xerox)
Juergen Fuhrhop (Free University Berlin)
Rigid lipid membranes containing photoreactive nanometer gaps on citrate gold colloids
Bruce Gates (UC Davis)
Lyudmila Bronstein (Indiana University)
Metal nanoparticle formation in polymeric materials containing nanocavities
Edwin Donath (MPI)

Porous Particles
Jeff Weers (Inhale)
Jeff Coffer (Texas Christian U)
Doped hydroxyapatite-porous silicon materials for drug delivery
Syed Ali Shah (U Illinois)
Nucleation and growth studies of microporous nanoparticle crystals of heteropolyanion salts

Liposome Design and Delivery
Wolfgang Meier (U Basel)
Responsive nanocapsules
David Thompson (Purdue U)
Acid-and oxidatively-labile vinyl ether based liposomes:  Synthesis and
drug delivery applications
Dennis Discher (U Pennsylvania)
Polymersomes: Some initial designs, properties, and in vivo tests

Jeff Chalmers (Ohio State U)
Characterization of immunomagnetic nanoparticles used in magnetic cell separation
Abraham Lenhoff (U Delaware)
Confocal and probe microscopic approaches to characterizing protein
transport and adsorption in chromatographic particles

Keith Johnston (U Texas)
Drug nanoparticles produced by CO2-based anti-solvent and rapid expansion processes
Onkar Singh (Alcon Labs)
Polymer stabilized nanoparticulate drug delivery system
Martin Malmsten (Institute of Surface Chemistry, Stockholm)
Spray-drying and freeze-drying of proteins and other sensitive biological material
Lajos Balogh (U Michigan)
Imaging and drug delivery using dendrimer nanocomposites
Hock Tan (Lavipharm Laboratories)
Particle formation using supercritical fluids: Pharmaceutical applications
Robert W. Lee (Elan)
Pharmaceutical applications of nanocrystal technology

Mechanicochemical Synthesis
Paul McCormick (U Western Australia)
Mechanochemical synthesis of nanopowders
Jun Ding (National U Singapore)
Ultrafine powders synthesized by co-precipitation/mechanical milling
Boris Bokhonov (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk)
The formation of graphite encapsulated metal nanoparticles during
high energy ball milling and annealing

Emulsion Technology Tribute to Paul Becher
Paul Becher (Wilmington)
An extremely random walk into
nanoparticles - How I became a colloid chemist
Darsh Wasan (IIT)
Peter Kilpatrick (North Carolina State U)
Water-in-Oil emulsions stabilized by hydrophobic discotic film formers
Jean Louis Salager (Venezuela)
Effect of generalized physico-chemical formulation on emulsion drop size
Aninoam Nir (Technion)
On spontaneous attraction and repulsion of droplets in an emulsion
Stephanie R. Dungan (UC Davis)
Oil transport kinetics in oil-in-water emulsions
Tomlinson Fort (Vanderbilt U)
Rajinder Pal (U Waterloo)
Emulsion rheology
David Weitz (Harvard U)
Pieter Walstra (Wageningen)
The role of surfactants in emulsion formation
Håkan Wennerström (U Lund)
 Macroemulsions studied from a microemulsion perspective
J. Adin Mann (Case Western Reserve U)
Daniele Clausse (U Technologie Compeigne)
Differential scanning calorimetry of opaque emulsions
Clarence Miller (Rice U)
Self-emulsification of surfactant/oil mixtures produced by diffusion and chemical reaction
Katherina Landfester (MPI)
Thermodynamic stabilization


Wolfgang Meier (U Basel)
Functional nanocontainers from amphiphilic block copolymers
Richard M. Laine (U Michigan)
Electrically pumped continuous wave nanolasers
 Thomas Zemb (Saclay)
Anisotropic clay particles inserted in lamellar phases
Kazuhiro Sumioka (Kyushu U)
Tuning of optical properties of inverted opal as photonic crystal by deformation
Jose Angel Sorrentino (U Central de Venezuela)
Center for Particle Tecnology in Latin America
Lajos Balogh (U Michigan)
Fabrication and characterization of well structured ultrathin dendrimer and nanocomposite multilayers
Eugenia Kumacheva (U Toronto)
Core-shell particles for 3D optical memory storage
Jean Louis Salager (Venezuela)
Reduction of emulsion viscosity by adjusting a bimodal drop size distribution
Jean Louis Salager (Venezuela)
Influence of surfactant-oil-water composition on emulsion drop size
Y. Xia (U Washington)
Monodispersed nonspherical colloids: Synthesis, characterization, and applications
Pedro Arce (Florida State U)
Electrosettling of particles in sewage water: Experiments and preliminary interpretation
G. Sh. Ospanova (Al-Farabi Kazakh State  U)
Derivation and use of synthetic and natural sorbents for recovery of noble metals
S. K. Mehta (Panjab U)
Influence of poly(ethyleneglycol) on the phase behavior and physical properties of
water-in-oil microemulsions
D. Hoffmann, F. Tiarks, and M. Willert (MPI, Golm)
The formation of structured particles in miniemulsions
Debora Berti (U Florence)
Self-assembling of phosphatidylnucleosides and their uses as prodrug aggregates
Fernand Fiévet (U Paris)
Synthesis of ferrite nanoparticles in polyols
Hans-Peter Hentze (MPI-Golm)
Complex polymer gel morphologies by polymerization in lyotropic mesophases
Stepjen V. Pusztay (Purdue U)
Encaged nanoparticles: Enhanced stabilization by cross-linking of
adsorbed resorcinarene surfatants
Shay Tirosh (Bar Ilan U)
"Parasitic" behavior of brookite phase during the synthesis of nanosize TiO2
Arie Zaban (Bar-Ilan U)
Core-shell nanoporous electrodes for photoelectrochemical applications
Rigoberto C. Advincula (U Alabama, Birmingham)
Ultrathin film nanocomposites derived from nanoparticles synthesized in block copolymer micelles: Synthesis and characteriztaion
Elodie Bourgeat-Lami (CNRS, Villeurbanne)
Synthesis of silica-PMMA nanocomposite latex particles by in situ heterocoagulation
Mansur Mohammadi (Unilever)
A new method for particle sizing emulsions without dilution
Dujreutai Pongkao (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Optimization for stoichiometric and morphology-controlled calcium phosphate crystals from bio-bearing calcium phosphate (BCP) under hydrothermal conditions
Jung-Hyun Kim (Yonsei U)
New synthetic method for aromatic polycarbonate particles using supercritical CO2
Weidong Liu (Wright Patterson Air Force Base)
Morphology of organically-modified layered silicates (OLS) in binary solvents: Model systems for polymer nanocomposites
Raymond Houriet (EPFL, Lausanne)
Synthesis of inorganic powders using laser spark atomization
Eric Weeks (Emory U)
Real space imaging of nucleation and growth in colloidal crystallization

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