Particles 2001
24-27 February 2001
Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL

Abstract Submission

Those wishing to submit a paper or poster should complete an abstract form according the the instructions given below.  This form should be prepared as a Word document (IMPORTANT: please name the files by the last name and the first initial of the corresponding author, plus a number corresponding to the abstract number if you submit more than 1 abstract; e.g., DebyeP1.doc, DebyeP2.doc), and then e-mail it as an attachment to by November 30, 2000.

If e-mail is not available, the one page abstract form should be sent by fax to 1-716-482-7795 (no cover sheet required), or mailed to Particles 2001, 265 Clover Street, Rochester, New York 14610-2246, U.S.A..

The abstract should not be greater than 200 words in length.  Papers excluded from any symposium or session may be given in the general session or in a poster session if the author agrees.  The abstract submission form should be limited to one page only, and should follow the following format:

Use 12 point Times Roman as primary font and single space throughout.
Use 2.5 cm margins at top, left, and right.
Begin on the first line at the left with "Authors:"
Beginning on the second line, type the first named author, followed by organization, city, state, zip and country.
Repeat on successive lines for each additional coauthor.
Skip a line.
Type "Title of Paper:", skip 2 spaces, and follow with title in all caps.
Skip a line.
Type "Abstract".
On the next line begin typing abstract, left justified.  The abstract should not be greater than 200 words.
Skip two lines.
On successive lines type the following corresponding author contact information:
Street Address
Street Address
City, State, Zip/Postal Code
E-mail address
Skip a line.
If the presenting author is other than the corresponding author, type "Presenting author is:  " and follow with the name of thepresenting author.
Skip a line.
If a poster presentation is preferred, type "Poster Preferred".
Skip a line.
Type "Preferred session is:  " and follow with the name of the preferred session, symposium, or topic.

Send this document by e-mail as an attached file, as described above, or fax or mail if e-mail transmittal is not feasible.

Note, abstracts will be accepted for consideration through November 30, 2000, or until the program is full.

Note, final acceptance and inclusion in the printed program is contingent upon meeting registration for speaker or poster presenter being received by 1 February 2001.

Program Sessions


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