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Particles 2001
24-27 February 2001

Rosen Centre Hotel
Orlando, FL

Co-Sponsored by

The Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
of the American Chemical Society

The Particle Technology Forum
of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The International Fine Particles Research Institute

Additionally Supported by

Army Research Office
Dekker Foundation
EM Industries
Nanophase Technologies Corporation
National Science Foundation
NEC Research Institute

An interdisciplinary international conference focused on particle formation, particle characterization, and particle-based materials synthesis.  Application areas span chemical analysis, imaging, printing, pharmaceuticals, coatings, membranes, filters, composites, catalysts, electronics, and optics.

Plenary Speakers

Bob Langer (MIT)
Smart Particles for Drug Delivery

Markus Antonietti (MPI Golm)
Structured Nanocomposites: The Use of Polymers to Shape, Mold, Handle, and Connect Inorganic Nanostructures

Arjun Yodh (U Pennsylvania)
Entropically Driven Self-Assembly and Interaction in Suspension

International Organizing Committee

L. Abrams (USA)
P. Alivasatos (USA)
R. Aveyard (UK)
J. Brinker (USA)
B. Cabane (France)
M. El-Sayed (USA)
J. Fendler (USA)
E.W. Kaler (USA)
P. McCormick (Australia)
H. Möhwald (Germany)
P. Mulvaney (Australia)
S. Pratsinis (Switzerland)
T. Provder (USA)
B.H. Robinson (UK)
J.-L. Salager (Venezuela)
J. Sjöblom (Norway)
P. Stenius (Finland)
J. Texter (USA), General Chair
J. Weers (USA)
D.A. Weitz (USA)
P. Wiltzius (USA)
R. Ziolo (USA)

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